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2017: My New Year Fashion Resolutions

& Why I’ve Got To Stop Wearing All Black

Ahh. It’s 2017!

Almost the second week in. While I normally like to spend the first few days looking back over the year gone by. I like working out which goals I hit and which I didn’t even bother considering come February. I feel different this year though, heading in positive, happy, motivated and ready to take on new challenges. Life choices aside, I’m not talking about fitness goals. I’m not talking about being more mindful blah blah blah, nope. I’m solely focusing on one thing this year. Joy.
Joy in my day to day activities, joy with family, joy with friends and doing more joyful things to make a difference. And a more brighter and breezier side of that is, well, fashion. So what better way to kick off the year than clearing out my storage, my wardrobe and drawers, donating to charity and cleansing my fashion senses.

My New Year Fashion Resolutions

1. Nail my style:

I’m no longer a young twenty something so crikey, am I ever going to find one style that suits me that I can stick to? Or is life – and fashion – just a constant merry-go-round of trying new things? Either way, it’d be nice to find a style that I love and stick to it. It means I wouldn’t get frustrated every time I look in the wardrobe and moan about having nothing to wear. What this really translates to, is ‘I’m bored of everything I own’.

2. Wear more colour:

When considering the first drawer of clothes during my clear out, I couldn’t see any stand out pieces through the waves and waves of black and grey. Do I really live and die in black?! Oh no wait, there’s a white and blue stripy jumper…

3. Spend more:

I’m not 16 any more, I don’t need to keep buying tops just because they’re under £20. This is the year of investing in quality clothing that doesn’t shrink after one wash. Plus let’s be fair, they mostly look dross.

4. More stand out pieces:

I’ve just ordered an insane ruffle shirt that’s blue and white stripe (ok wearing more colour rule doesn’t apply here) and has HUGE ruffles at the top. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for an item to arrive! When I look at blog photos from last year, I’m surprised at just how blah my clothes became. Playing way too safe.

5. Ditch the bra:

Ok not always, I mean hello. There’re some stunning tops around right now like this gorgeous open back shirt with tie detail from ASOS that I’m dying to wear but essentially, you cannot wear a bra. Some of the underwear I own can cause an ill fitting shirt, busting at the chest and make me look actually quite comical. That’s why I loved the trend of no bra, a more open than usual shirt and long necklaces.

And Finally…

6. Buy more fast fashion and micro trends:

I didn’t do any of it in 2016! I didn’t buy any giant bow shirts, barely any lace and aside from my pretty Stella and Dot raffia earrings, I had virtually no exciting stand out fringes or pom-poms. This year I fully intend on spending on trends that’ll probably last two weeks before going in the sale. Unless it’s the PJ trend. Because those tops, well, they just made me look like I was about to spend the week in hospital.

7. Not be afraid of my weight:

Now I’m not saying I’m a 3 litre coke and McDonald’s every day kinda girl, but in 2016 I felt so conscious of my arms that I ended up hiding them the entire time. Even in 36 degree Costa Rica heat, when I took off my shirt and wore a vest I felt like I was walking into shops screaming ‘look at my arms everyone, they’re on show!’.

8. Be more glam and accessorise:

I noted to my mother in law to be the other day that I was working from home in Adidas tracksuit bottoms. Yes, I’d really given up on life. One could say all I needed was a ripped T-shirt and Jeremy Kyle on the TV. Dresses and heels and lots of jewellery, definitely on my 2017 to do list.


Leather Jacket (sold out) – try this one from The Kooples, now 50% off!

Black Jumper (sold out) – try this from H&M

Canvas Belt – Gucci

Black Low Rise Jeans – ASOS

Block Heel Chelsea Boots – Office

Blanket Scarf – Precis

What are you resolutions? Happy New Year! Xx

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5 Responses

  1. Haha, I feel I read this thinking we were on the same wavelength and then by the end I was disagreeing with myself!
    It;s taken wee while, but Ive come into my style (i think/hope) and am channeling more monochrome, but of course with blues and whites added for measure. I bought into a lot of fast fashion last year and before, instead of really thinking about what I was purchasing. I want to make more conscious buys that work for me and my wardrobe a wee bit more long term.
    I too am opting to, maybe not ditch the bra, but am taking a more fashion effort towards bra’s and tops this year. 🙂
    And as for arms.. get them to woman! Life’s too short. It’s all in your own mind than anyone elses. 🙂

    1. I love a good monochrome outfit and of course, throwing in a splash of blue or grey is always easy to do!
      You’ll have to let me know what you buy this year 🙂
      Very true – although I’m not quite sure that I can bring myself to have my arms out on my wedding day yet!
      Thanks for your lovely comment x

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