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Get The Luxe Look For Less: Black Dresses, A High Street Edit

Ok I admit, there is the odd occasion where I take a deep inhale, exhale and click “Proceed To Purchase” on Net-A-Porter. However, right now the high street is really killing it with their super stylish, ‘could-be-designer’ style dresses. From Pull & Bear to River Island, here’s my round up of the best black dresses to wear now and through any season.

The Uncensoring Of Front Row Fashion

What was once a cloistered front row audience, is now an open and engaging conversation for all. We all have an uncensored seat at the table, in real time.

What I Bought From See By Chloé

If you can appreciate idiosyncratic cool then you will love See by Chloé, the sister brand to Chloé. Whereas Chloé champions free-spirited and whimsical femininity, See by Chloé is a little more structured and a little more tailored.

The Anatomy of a Makeup Selfie

I need makeup looking good in five minutes max. I’ve also learned about angles so I’m going to share my quick tips and best products with you.

Styling Rust & Tobacco Tones

Say hello to a new zesty colour palette. Rust & tobacco, the new colour inspiration at the top of the pantone hit list this season…

Are We Going To Go Christmas Crackers?

It’s hard not to mention the C word without sounding overzealous. But Christmas is on the horizon and this year will be undoubtedly more special for most.

The Underwear Bible: Bras

No matter your shape, size or concern, this bra guide will have you covered. These are the best selection, tried and tested…

My New Year Fashion Resolutions

So 2021 will be interesting from a fashion perspective. I’ve written a few new year’s fashion resolutions which I intend on sticking to…

A/W Staples: Layering Pieces

Layering is great not only because you can rework Summer outfits and focus on the longevity of your clothes…

Come With Me To Lakes By Yoo: Luxury Staycationing

We took the plunge & rented a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home for a week. It’s quite the investment; a 4 bed can set you back around £4,000 for 7 days (extras like childminding, bike hire etc. are on top). Here’s how we got on…

New Season Transitional Wardrobe Pieces

Moving between seasons, particularly if you live in the UK, can be tricky. As much as I’d like to think that us Brits are well versed in dressing for the

Upsizing At Dancing Leopard

I found Dancing Leopard back last year on Instagram and fell in love with their pieces. They’re bold, pretty and the cut is perfect for creating a silhouette.

Fruit Salad Fashion: 22 High Street Faves

So while planning my wardrobe for my upcoming holiday, I decided it was time to step outside of my comfort zone and inject some much needed colour into my closet. Watermelon sugar (high)…

How I Do Zero Waste Luxury At Home

To me, there’s nothing more luxurious than a fuss-free, minimal home awash with natural fibres and organic products. I don’t just mean in the beauty department, I mean cleaning equipment and in the kitchen too. So here’s how I do waste-free luxury in my home…

First Lockdown Hair Refresh At Michael Van Clarke

There’s a reason why Vogue heralded Michael Van Clarke, Marylebone as ‘the most professional salon in London’.  Come see how I got on during my first hair appointment since lockdown began….

My Go-To For Lip Injections (No Needles Necessary)

I recently uploaded an IGTV video showing you guys how I do one particular favourite makeup look of mine which is an exaggerated, puffy lip. A few of you asked about the lip product I used that creates the ‘just been injected’ effect. Well, it’s something a little less clinical and way less scary…

The Positives I’ve Drawn From Lockdown Experience In London

As I sit down to write this post, I’m finding it difficult to know where to start. Truth is, I’ve family members with friends who’ve passed away having contracted Covid-19 and some of my family have had the virus. At the beginning of lockdown…

Styling The JW Anderson Basket Bucket Bag

Don’t you just love a fit-everything-in bag that’s lightweight and on trend? That’s exactly what this Summer bag is and right now at Farfetch you can grab this JW Anderson basket bucket bag at 50% off too! Here’s how I style mine…

Ultimate Treats For Discerning Fathers: Gift Guide 2020

With the virus having changed things, chances are you probably can’t give your Dad his usual big hug and card this Sunday. So gift giving is your extra chance to be thoughtful and go that additional mile with him. Therefore, what better gift than the gift of grooming?

Edit: 32 Of The Best Timeless ‘Wear Forever’ Dresses

As we’re now firmly in the middle of a global pandemic, for the majority of us our shopping habits have changed. Gone are the days of frivolous spending on non-essential fast fashion and in it’s place is conscious spending…

34 Beautiful Fashion Pieces To Lift Lockdown Spirit

There’s one season where you can really treat yourself without breaking the bank. Summer. As we move in to the Summer months in an unusual (lockdown) sense, it’s got me thinking about all of the amazing…

Favourite Trend: Blue Lenses Edit

Given my brunette hair and dark brows, I like my blue lens to contrast against a heavy colour or tortoise shell. I also like the chic and sophisticated oversized round shape.

My Mid Length Hair Saviours

Haircare is one of my favourite topics and regular followers will know I’ve probably had every hair colour under the sun in my time. I’ve had super short hair right through to quite long hair too. One thing has always stayed the same though. My hair is wild and requires quite a lot of taming!

How I Body Brush & My Brushing Essentials

The days when I body brush are amazing. Aside from the act of ‘self love’, my showers somehow feel nicer and I’m more energised when I get out. It’s lovely having that quick two or three minutes to do something for myself.

Have I Let My Clothes & Belongings Own Me?

During lockdown, most have us have been spending a lot of time cooped up with our belongings. All this extra time spent surrounded by my ‘stuff’ has encouraged me to do some re-evaluating.

Try A Trend: Visors

Based on what I see you guys buying from my website, I can see a small change in habits. It seems we’re all trying a new trend or two. Today I’m trying a new trend – visors!

15 Designer Tops Under £50 Feat. Rixo

I love it when you find an old designer gem during a clearcut, like this RIXO blouse that I got on sale for less than £50 a while ago. So I felt inspired to look online and see what other designer tops I could find for less than fifty quid…

10 Ways To Stop Comparing

The more time we spend in isolation, the easier it is to adopt a bad habit. Like, comparing. Comparing is up there with the top worst things to do for mental health, like, ever, and let’s be honest we each have fleeting moments where we dabble in it. 

80 Movies & TV Shows I Love

However you’re handling isolation, one thing is for sure. There’s never been a better time to distract yourself with some great TV (and IGTV).

What I’m Doing During Isolation

So you may wonder what I get up to all day, everyday, in the home I share with my two year old, Mia and my husband, Dan. Truth is…

Mental Health: In This Together

I’m no oracle (feel free to call me that though) and it’s not like I’ve ‘found my calling’ either (worldwide Pandemic, people) but…

12 Best High Street ‘Extra’ Tops

For something a little lighter, let’s talk clothes! Recently I’ve been in the mood for a wardrobe switch up. I spent most of the Winter trying to be as sustainable as possible, keeping and wearing only what I truly love. Now though, there are…

Curvy Girl Suits

Suits and co-ords have long been a favourite of mine but lets face it they can be tricky to pull off. I don’t mean because of the colour and the fact they’re matchy-matchy (double plaid takes a bit of getting used to). What I mean is…

Pink for Spring: High End & High Street Edit

Hello! It’s been a while! So first up I thought I’d ease us in gently with a nice and easy fashion post. I couldn’t wait to share this Topshop one with you. It’s so cosy and the perfect pink / apricot tone to help segue…

5 Pairs of Boots That You Need For (Grown Up) Dressing Up

I think back to the time I spent doing some private styling work for women and all the times I advised clients on how to store boots. It gives me a pang of guilt, imagine if they could see how I’m keeping mine! Here are the boots I‘ll gladly keep tidy though…

Classic Manolo Blahnik: 9 Pairs Worth The Investment

Being asked to talk in London in front of a cinema audience about the film, “Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards” is one of my all time favourite career highs. Although I didn’t actually end up doing it (I was a new mum and had to pull out due to newborn commitments), my passion for Manolo Blahnik remains much the same today as it did then…

Going Slowly With Fast Fashion

But before you think ‘oh she’s turned vegan and now wants to stop wearing bras and start a compost heap’, what I’m about to say is coming from my heart. It’s from where my passion for fashion really lies. Ladies, before you get heart palpitations with fear of not seeing your fit postman on a regular basis any more (no not me HONESTLY), hear me out…

My Vibe For 2020 May Be Very Similar To Yours?

If you don’t have time to sit around making mood boards, don’t worry, I’ve done it for you (it’s my ‘job’ remember). See, I don’t just sit around and ‘fanny about with the press releases’ (*searches Netflix for Bridget Jones immediately*)!

2020 Updates For You Guys, Love From Lauren X

Hi-de-hi campers! Well, it’s 2020 (insert fireworks and all other over the top emojis here). I don’t know about you but I have such a good feeling about this year! While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may be winning the whole ‘New Year New Me’ game, I’m going to give it my best try…

7 Things I Have Learned During My 2.5 Year Marriage

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I am not easy to be with. Gosh! Hope you haven’t fallen over and aren’t choking on your snack ’cause I know, it’s a shocker right? Ha! Here are just a handful of things I’ve learned whilst…

My Tips On Surviving January

When you think of January, do those little niggling thoughts started to creep up? I’ve learned many things about making things less pressurised. Right now, the prospect completely excites me – bring on Jan 1st I have my cookbooks at the ready!

My Verdict On The New Versace Home Collection

Have you ever been at a really, really good party and been surrounded by incredible interiors? Like the messed up faces on (my favourite) Fornasetti cushions, or spiky ashtrays perched half full on the side of an expensive marble…

How To Stop Letting Instagram Affect Your Health (& Your Wallet)

Whilst this may sound controversial, I believe you should not let Instagram influence you. Now sure, we all see one or two things on our favourite IG accounts that we end up buying, (guilty), and I can see that you guys love what you see even right here on SITC and go ahead and purchase…

Londoner Hotlist: Edit

This particular hotlist is one of my favourites as it includes the latest Acne collaboration. Acne have been one of my favourite brands for about ten years so I’m really thrilled to see them team up with Mulberry!

Meet My Kurt Geiger Weekend Bag!

A weekend break is one of my favourite things to do. I take such pleasure from travelling somewhere new, putting down my things and getting ready to explore. Whether I’m going away with Dan and Mia or planning a girly one (like Copenhagen last October) a weekend bag requires not too much but just enough to see you through.

AD | Getting Festive Season Ready With Net-A-Porter

(AD) Whether you’re the one in your sequins and full glam waiting for the dance floor to call, or just a laid back minimalist who’s getting into the festive season, right now Net-A-Porter has it all….

Be A Warrior Not A Worrier: Book Review

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve enjoyed romantic trips alone to… The Works. Seriously, the smell of all that paper teamed with some cool coloured pens is my actual heaven. What’s even better is that most of the books there are actually really decent, some often charting. I picked this one up for…

I Loved These 13 Beauty Items So Much That I Used Them Until They Were Empty…

As a style blogger I get to try out a lot of skincare products. I’m also really fortunate to attend skincare talks with leading industry experts as part of my Ambassadorship with Neutrogena so I know what to look for in the list of ingredients. Here I talk about the 13 products that I’ve enjoyed so much I’ve completely finished! This doesn’t happen very often…

A Blazer. But Make It Sassy, Heeled & Cosy-Cosy…

Bringing the story up to date however, I still like to do my own take on formal wear. I still love an oversized black blazer (my prized one is one I bought 3 months pregnant in a size 20) and you already know how obsessed I am with this white one. For this look I found a…

I’m Hiring!

Now that the blog is growing even further, it’s time I hired a professional personal assistant.

Taking Understated Glamour To The Next Level With Warehouse

I got some messages from followers asking me about dressing for their shape. Now as you guys know, my shape has always been quite curvy. So I’ve always tried to wear things that are fitted on the waist and not too restrictive across my…

Stepping Out In Something Outside Of My Comfort Zone

I normally stick to clothes that have a pretty similar fit (I’ve got quite big hips and a chest). If something isn’t fitted at the waist, I’ll often look bigger than I am. I also rarely wear shorts. Well, unless…

How To Make The Most Of What’s Left Of Summer In London

Despite having lived in London for almost 11 years, I still feel like a tourist. My London Bucket List is never complete. There’s always something to add. So before the Summer is finally over, here are some things I’m sure you’ll love to do as much as me…

WeAreParadoxx: Good Hair With Good Conscience

Despite the fact that we’ve never lived such a cushty life in the West, our addiction and influence of the mainstream big name brands has meant that there are no longer 4 seasons in a year. There are 52. Shops are desperate for your money and are…

How To Check Your Breasts

A few months ago I felt two lumps so immediately went to my GP. I was then referred to the Wellington within days for a scan. Speed was particularly important because Cancer…

How To Grow Confidence After A Break Up

As Carrie Bradshaw once said, break ups are like experiencing a death. Now you guys know I love a bit of Carrie, but… really? A death? I have to admit I’ve never quite felt that way about a relationship ending…

Now We Can Shop Poppy Delevingne’s Style At H&M (Woop Woop)!

When I first moved into our London home, a piece of property that we could call our own, I couldn’t wait to decorate. I was working at a fashion magazine at the time and (no shock here) I was influenced by what was hot back then. Everything should be grey, white and clean….

The Collective Opens The Future Of Co-Living In Canary Wharf

In short, imagine your dream home. Now imagine that dream home being located in London. But actually being affordable. Well, global co-living pioneer The Collective have unveiled its most ambitious project to date. It’s a 705-room development in London’s Canary Wharf.

I Tried Slugging In Bed & Here’s What Happened

I hold my hands up and admit that I haven’t used Vaseline much. Well, not since my first foray into makeup as a teen. Boy did I used to make that little tin work hard. It kept my (uni) brow in place, made my lashes more Bambi like, kept my lips supple. It also made an incredible cheek bone highlighter…

The Anxiety Solution: Book Club Review

If like me you’re a worrier, always on edge and stressy then do give this a try. I enjoyed reading a book by someone who ‘gets me’ and finished it within two days. I’d normally be sat in the garden with the soft Summer wind and would be left so motivated to look after myself after reading a few chapters.

Londoner Hotlist: 3 Sassy New Things To Do & See

As a blogger (and a Londoner) there’s no denying that I get to enjoy lots of treats. But of course however the intention is for me to share it all with you, the readers. So this week my inbox has been shaking with news…

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