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The One Place I Never Thought I’d Find Such Inexpensive & Classic Rose Gold Beauty Pieces

& Other Accessories

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m not saying this for attention, or to unintentionally come across as a snob but in the past three years I think I’ve been in to this store  twice. The last of those two times was just before Christmas. The reason? Not some anti store hatred or allergic reactions to the clothing, no. It’s just always so damn busy when I tried to visit before. Probably as my nearest two stores at the time were the huge ones near London’s Tottenham Court Road and Marble Arch. But pre xmas, with a bit of time on my hands, I stopped in on my way home just to look for a compact mirror. What I found was surprising. When did the accessories in Primark get so good? Everything in these pictures was under £3.

To begin with…

I have to be honest.
These prices may be out by 50p or so. As soon as I got home, I dumped my bag, hungrily picked everything out and spread it around the floor like I was vigorously preparing for battle. In my greed, I tore off the prices and forgot the exact details.
Nonetheless, I’ll try.
The stunning rose gold compact mirror above came in at just £1.50. Now this is the only thing I actually intended on buying before I popped in. It’s magnified on the one side and ordinary on the other.
Next, the pink makeup brush cleaning pad was an awesome find at just £1. Just a squirt of whatever soap you use for them and you can gently scrub to your hearts content. Well, or just until they’re clean.

Not forgetting…

Now this was turning into a bit of a mini haul.
I bought two of these plastic cotton wool pad dispensers, one for me and one for my sister. At just £2, it looks lovely on my dressing table and eliminates that awful clutter of plastic bags that they come in.
Then there’s these eyebrow stencils which trust me, if you’re anything like me, you’ll benefit from using. So many shapes, so easy to use. Just fill in the blanks. At £2, you might as well give them a try.
The buy of the day though were these insane matte nails (below). The black looks a teeny bit like leather and the red are so matte they look velvet. These were just £1 each. Stick on’s may remind you of being 11 years old but hey, they’re fun for one evening.

And Finally…

Before heading to the tills, I couldn’t help myself.
These rose gold eyelash curlers look great on my dressing table in an all white bedroom. at just £1.50, the quality on these is way better than its price tag. Quite heavy, quite sturdy and beautifully designed on the bottom with spotted detail. They come with an extra set of soft white cushions for when they need replacing.
I couldn’t resit this sweet little rose gold makeup bag for just £3 to put everything in. Small enough to fit in my cross body bags yet big enough to fit in the essentials. It has a strong black plastic zip and its longest length at the bottom is perfect for holding my eye pencils and mascara. Either that or it makes a fantastic pencil case.

Have you had any exciting finds recently? Xx

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6 Responses

  1. Love what you picked up.
    The beauty/accessories side of the shop I haven’t really tried.. I’m not a massive fan of Primark. It’s cheap and good for fast fashion, and the quality isn’t always great, but now and then they have things in that I just can’t resist. My nearest is an hour away, so another reason why I don’t visit often. It’s been near 5 months since I last visited and am planning to visit in the next two months.
    I do love the look of that curler…

    1. As I said it’s very rare that I go in there – literally I think my second time in two years. I was so surprised at how good the quality were on these pieces though and I’d usually think nothing of spending around £60 on this lot in Boots for instance.
      Curler is awesome, let me know what you buy x

  2. I may have to visit Primark – I haven’t been for a few years because I tried some of their clothing and the quality was terrible. However, I know so many people who find lovely things there and they seem to last okay too x

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