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New Season Style Staples Catapulting Me Into Spring /Summer


Taking my cue from the occasional break through of sun and the tenderness of  rare warmer temperatures, I thought it was about time to pack away some of my super thick cable knit polo necks (see ya next Autumn) and ankle length double duty Winter coats to make some space for some brighter, breezier Spring/Summer essentials.
For inspiration, I’m always flicking through pages of Sunday Times Style or browsing “New In” online at Selfridges. In doing so I’ve come to learn one thing.
This season, there’s a lot of noise:
*the lengths
*the fit
*the cuts
*the textures
*the colours

One Size Doesn’t Suit All

It’s not just the size of trousers that we’re having to think about any more either. There’s the shade, the buttons, the widths of pockets. And that’s not forgetting to mention normal high waist, super high waist (hello Chloé I love you), mid rise, mid rise that still shows a muffin top, boyfriend, mom, culottes, peg, cigarette, jersey. The list goes on.
For me? It’s a time to embrace choice, flash sales and during times where I’ve some extra dollar bills, it’s an opportunity to find a look that suits enough to really go wild and splash the cash. Reiss, I love you right now.
I’m treating it as a time to celebrate fashion and experiment with my wardrobe. True to my new years fashion resolutions, I’m going to put that bandana around my neck and pile it up with three rose gold necklaces. Heck, I might even want to cut off the arms of my new blazer and layer like Trinny Woodwall.

The Staples

For Spring I like to inject a bit of colour into my wardrobe to not only strengthen what’s already there but also to enhance my mood. Does anyone else feel way more happier in the sun with a colourful cami and a cute pair of heels?
With this gorgeous rose jacket from Vila I wanted to keep my base muted. Whilst I’m obsessed with (and rarely taking off) these gorgeous H&M orange flat sling backs, a coloured shoe would work but I wanted to wear these beautiful white leather pointed shoe boots from Next. They’re super comfortable and the low cut make them a great transition into the warmer season from an Autumn/Winter ankle boot.
Let’s not kid ourselves too much, it isn’t baking hot just yet so this navy balloon sleeve sweatshirt from Next is perfect. It’s just the right thickness keeping me warm in the colder breezes yet versatile enough to work layered too. It’s 100% cotton so washes like a dream.
These trusty cream culottes are last years gem find but don’t worry, there are so many great alternatives on the high street right now like these Spring essential white linen culottes from Asos which are only £25!


It’s no secret that I’m always on the pursuit of nailing my personal style but like a typical chameleon I’m forever changing it up. One minute I’m loving skinny jeans the next I want low slung wide legs. One day I may dress in a black and white, minimalist style the next I might be in a floaty floral dress.
But now that I’m older and more confident with my clothes (although not quite Kanye West assured yet), each year I know there are fundamental pieces that I’ll need which can be mixed and matched with other bits for different looks.

To Buy List

So on my checklist this year are:

  • Great pair of culottes
  • Wide sleeved sweatshirt
  • Low cut shoe boots
  • Popping colour jacket

And I know that each of these pieces can be worked for different looks.
For instance, take these culottes. Easy with a sweatshirt and casual with a tee tucked in. Get them in a higher waist and you can pair with a cropped top too. But have you thought about styling them with a black dress? Go for a short length long sleeved dress and pop a belt around the waist. Et voila, a whole new dimension. Alternatively, how how about a sleeveless knee length blazer or dust coat like this must have khaki sleeveless from Miss Selfridge over the top? Team with a pair of simple heeled sandals and you’re office to bar ready.

What To Consider

I start with the trends coming up and consider what I always wear in my wardrobe. While a seaside stripe is great in the changing rooms of the Selfridges designer hall, think about the cost per wear. Are you really going to ‘live and die’ in a bold print? I like to start with the basics. The staples that I’ll need to wear regularly that can be built up – paired back for a casual weekend look or thrown together with a cute pair of heels for an evening out.
However you decide to shop, the overarching idea is to have fun and always, ALWAYS feel confident in what you’re wearing. You’re not alone in trying on twenty pairs of jeans before you find ‘the ones’ and believe me, I’ve been known to go up a couple of sizes if I want things a big baggier so don’t always stick to your ‘usual’ size.


Balloon Sleeve Jumper – Next

White Shoe Boot – Next

What’s on your Spring shopping list? Xx

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