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Why Taste’ Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

& Yes, This One Was The Best One Yet

I’m a fan of caviar but love a good burger. Also, my mouth waters at the smell of a cooking cheese empanada and equally get impatient waiting for a good sliver of raw salmon. In addition to previous jobs I’ve also had good dates meaning I’ve eaten at some of the most insane restaurants in the world. Admittedly, I’m a food lover. Whilst I’m relatively new to gourmet producers and shopping organic, food is consistently becoming more and more entwined into my life.

So it’s no surprise then that every season I die to go to ‘Taste of London’. The last time I went to one it was in Regents Park, mostly outdoors with unpredictable weather. However, this time around, the festive edition of Taste took place in the Tobacco Docks near Shadwell and boy was it their best yet. Daniel and I popped down to create our own tasting menu with signature dishes from a selection of London’s best restaurants and to learn the tricks of the trade from world-class chefs. When I managed to pull Dan away from the Japanese knives, we went to sample and shop at the gourmet producers market.

Something For Everyone

Whether you’re a fan of Modern British, Tapas, Japanese, American, Turkish, Mexican, Asian, or simply adore good burgers and nice cheeses, there’s something for every one at Taste. Including lots of samples of various alcohol so pace yourself guys. Tickets are from £15 or £42 depending on the package. So here’s how we got on. Taste in pictures!

Above, these spicy blood shots from Little Devil literally took our heads off. Chase with a bloody mary.

Below & above, lots of gin goodness from The Tipsy Tart

Above, “What Toffoc!”

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Above, these were quite literally the best empanadas I have ever tasted. Ever. Thanks Portena, I’ll be visiting Borough Market for some more of your to die for provolone cheese and caramelised onion empanadas

Splashes of Luxury

Top, the most exquisite Italian caviar by Adamas. Blini anyone?

Above, grown in Madinah these mouth watering belgian chocolate covered dates from The Datery had me contemplating my wedding favours

Top, from the sweetest people in the world (excuse the pun), Sari cakes had me dribbling

Getting The Party Started

Above, Boozey Bells Vintage Cocktails had us like…

Downstairs was where the party was at. With a pianist singing out the hits, we bought a couple of beers from the delightful and very reasonable Billericay Brewing Company. Delicious!

To find out more about Taste of London in 2017, keep your eye on their website.

Have you started any of your festive activities yet?

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