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Why This Is The Only Hairdryer I’m Going To Be Using From Now On

& Other Hair Secrets

You’ve Seen Before…

Just how frizzy and dry my hair is. It’s usually only with a mountain of oil and serum that I’m able to tame my locks and make them manageable. There’s always a straightener or curling iron needed to style too, even after my attempts of blow drying. Ladies who are similar, I know you understand the pain.

I’ve had a lot of dryers in my time. Typically each have left my hair crinkly; each strand looking like pieces of light and porous driftwood. In addition, it’s no secret that I’ve no clue how to blow dry my own hair so it’s usually a waste of time even bothering. However, that all changed recently when I tried the new Glamoriser Ultra Hair Dryer (£99.99). So now you can see why I truly love this product that I’m about to share with you.

Each Time…

Each time that I wash my hair at home, I use the Illuminating Clean Shampoo by Sassoon which helps lock in long lasting colour vibrance. Then I follow up with the Illuminating Conditioner (again by Sassoon) which helps protect hair and lock in proteins. Once towel dried, I follow up with the Halo Hydrate by Sassoon which helps keep hair nourished throughout the day. I actually don’t need serum when I use this. Using a wide tooth comb, I brush through my hair.

The Dryer…

The first thing I noticed about the dryer was the shape. The thin handle makes it easy to hold and using it is effortless thanks to its light weight. There’s also a super handy long 3m cable so great if like me, your full length mirror is no where near a plug socket. It comes with two nozzles too for concentrated drying.

What separates this dryer to others is the Ion-Flex technology and its advanced Micro Motor technology. It essentially gives you two choices – smooth sleek hair (negative ions) or big volume (positive ions). You’ll be so surprised at how powerful it is, it’s no wonder its compared to salon professional dryers. It drys hair in minutes.

There are 3 heat settings for when you need to blast cool air or turn up the heat. Also, there are 2 speed settings, 2200W can be tailored for every hair type to cut down heat damage and counter hair breakage.

The Results

I was genuinely so impressed from the very first time I used the dryer. Never before have I used one that leaves my hair so sleek and shiny from the get go. Considering it took me about three minutes without even separating sections, I was excited that I didn’t have to use any styling equipment afterwards – I could literally just up and leave the house for my meeting. Time saving, considerably quieter than other dryers and wonderful technology for creating sleek and volume styles.


For Sleek Styles

Always divide the hair into sections. You can see that I quickly blasted my hair on the sleek setting without separating my hair so imagine how sleek it’d look if I had bothered to. Switch Ion-Flex switch to “Sleek”. Be sure to hold the dryer so it’s drying downwards from root to tip. Move the dryer together down the hair shaft to the hair ends. Once done, use the cold shot button to cool down the section and to ultimately set the style.

For Volume

Divide the hair into sections and use the Ion-Flex “Volume” option. For big hair, always lift the hair up from the root and pull up and away from the scalp. It’s useful to dry hair from underneath to build up volume. Press and hold the cold shot button to cool down the section and set the style. I’m going to try drying my hair upside down next time.

Have you tried the Glamoriser dryer? What do you think? Do you have any tips for styling? Xx

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