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What I’m Doing During Isolation

Thanks for all the kind messages I received about my last post. Isolation is hard! In life I always try to “find the story in being alive”. The three things that are most important to me are living well, loving well and learning to let go. My goodness are these being challenged and tested to the max right now!
I understand the importance of staying home. The bigger picture is of course something I totally get. I’m not all “woe is me” because I know there are some amazing people out there working to save lives and keep society going. My small positive contribution to the situation is to share tips on how to stay mentally fit.
So you may wonder what I get up to all day, everyday, in the home I share with my two year old, Mia and my husband, Dan. Truth is, on the whole it’s really lovely to spend quality time with them. It is. It’s extremely difficult trying to balance my own needs with everyone else’s demands though. In my own “cope ahead” style (a very useful DBT skill) I try to honour the following…

Isolation: Plan Time, Structure & List

I’ve chosen to continue working despite Mia not being at the childminders. The marketing side of things has never been more important to my clients and I want to be there for them. To complicate matters though, my husband is recovering from a slipped disc so isn’t fully mobile. In addition I try not to give Mia lots of screen time too so all in all the juggle is quite tricky. I plan my day the night before by writing a to-do list and allocate time slots. I share it with Dan so he can help schedule times and activities with Mia and I try to filter in as much of my work during Mia’s nap time as I can. So far it’s working very well and actually quite refreshing to have those (albeit very limited) minutes to myself, snatched where I can.p when I’ve had a few power hours of productivity.

Make Every Morning Mindful

Every morning no matter what I have going on, I always take two minutes for my supplements and vitamins. The act of pouring a glass of water, laying out what I need to take and mindfully swallowing them whilst eating breakfast is a ritual that I’ve come to appreciate. Sure having a two year old means she’s probably chatting to me but it’s a time where I just focus on one thing. I think of the goodness each supplement is giving my body me as I take them.
The same can be said for my skincare in the morning. Even if Mia’s by my side brushing her teeth, sat reading or talking to me, I’ll take time to wash my face and moisturise. Being mindful about what I’m doing makes me feel like I’m caring for myself. That’s what puts me in good stead for the day.

Isolation Hobby Time

With weekends now being spent in our garden or home, we’ve lots of spare time on our hands. Whilst we’re not out with friends right now or plodding around local markets or garden centres (by that I mean looking inside Matchesfashion), I’ve realised there’s room for a new hobby. Choosing a new hobby took me some time. I’ve a habit of obsessive compulsion but I decided on cross stitch! After resisting the urge to go buy an entire kit full of shiny new thread, fancy cloths and every accessory imaginable (as I said, obsessive) instead I ordered one beginner pattern and the basics. I’ll let you know how I get on!
What are you doing during isolation?

I’m Wearing

Blue Shacket – Pull and Bear

Cropped Twill Trousers – H&M

Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Bag – DVF (old season)

Styling and words by Lauren Silvester, Photography by Zoe Griffin.

*In light of current news this blog post does not contain affiliate links.

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2 Responses

  1. As for me, I do not plan anything! Just trying to follow my feelings. If I want to sleep – I sleep! I want to dance – I dance! ))) I also watch movies that evoke a good feeling.

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