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Mental Health: In This Together

“No one is on the street, a fox was in my garden earlier and I’m pretty sure I’m getting sun burned through my window. Is that Mia I can hear? Is she awake from her nap? I really need to get these acrylic nails taken off but can’t now, wait, why is that wipe on the floor over there? This house is getting really cold, are my family ok in Wales? I need to go and get some bread, where can I get bread? Will Mia want bread later? Are those flowers dying over there, did I return that PR sample? When is the new series of Real Housewives starting?”

That’s a real life excerpt from one moment inside my brain that lasted, hmm, pretty much as long as it took you to read it.


New Normal

Those thoughts are when I’m being erratic and it’s also not too dissimilar from someone who suffers with severe anxiety. It’s a mind that actively seeks out worries and concerns without realising. They (whoever ‘they’ are) call it ‘Interpersonal Distress’, triggered from the slightest flick of stress.
During this strange time I want to use my platform for mental health and downtime inspiration. I’ve researched, read, watched, experienced and had (slash, am having) therapy, I’ve also been in groups and shared mental health stories of my own. I’m no oracle (feel free to call me that though) and it’s not like I’ve ‘found my calling’ either (worldwide Pandemic, people) but I hope I can bring a little love and light to those who do suffer with mental health issues. Oh and those who are just fascinated (come on, I know some of you here are reading this for the gossip…).
Our lives today have been momentarily shaken (sadly no Martini to compliment) and we’re all having to live a new ‘normal’. Everyone is adapting. You only have to open your phone to see (maybe some quick deletion of private search history first) different classes, sexes and workers adjusting. Stress for some has never been higher so it’s bound to increase people’s ‘interpersonal distress’.

If you or someone you love becomes erratic, here is what I do:
  1. Be patient and forgiving (even to yourself)
  2. Awareness is key, become aware
  3. Notice the levels of distress
  4. Breathe!
  5. Practice skills to overcome/deal with it. Mindfulness plays a key part as does self soothing activities (my personal fave) and distracting yourself.

8 million people in the UK suffer some sort of disorder and women and people under 35 are especially affected. So keep tuning in folks…


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*Styling and words by Lauren Silvester, photography by Zoe Griffin. This post contains affiliate links and all content was shot outdoor before isolation began.

Finally, discover what is BPD?

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