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Quarantine: Last 6 Pics On My iPhone

So the good news is, the new season of Real Housewives of New York has started up again on Hayu. After devouring a glass of wine that was deliciously warm from two hours in the bath (with me, not on me) and plenty of commentary on the new episode later (post coming soon) I’m feeling quite happy in myself. Even managed to take a snap of my new boots that arrived from ASOS (pic one).
Flash forward a night of Lavender infused peaceful sleep (not) and my husband has spent some of the morning with Mia. Tidying up is not his strength (pic two).

Quarantine Shopping Essentials

Having eaten all of our quarantine snacks within the first two hours of being home, I’ve been shopping more sensibly. If only I could master how to put on a tie up mask though. Here’s me queuing outside Waitrose, not realising that the mask needs to be over my nose and that the ties go behind the head, not in a circle behind the ear. It’s only when I sent this pic my family group WhatsApp that I learned the error in my ways. No wonder my mate, the security guard, was looking at me and stifling a smirk (pic three).


I’m definitely feeling the pressure of isolation now. I love staying home but the juggle of work, parenting two kids (Mia and my husband) and cooking, cleaning etc is definitely firing up my nerves and irritability. However, sitting and basking in the joy of Mia in our garden and in the sun is definitely a tonic (pic four). Here she is (pic five) the light of my life, modelling her cousins dress to send to her Aunty. She inspires me everyday and put me in the mood to do my next post on this beautiful new dress (pic six), here edited using Lightroom.

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