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Review Of The Big Waves Styler That Inspired Me To Recreate Khloe Kardashian’s Waves

& I’m Loving It

You guys know how wild my hair is naturally. It’s not often that I say I enjoy wearing my hair curly either. From my Instagram you’ll know that my ‘quick everyday hair’ is usually styled sleek with the occasional wave on the bottom. I don’t love the big huge bouncy blow drys of 2015 – I much rather anything remotely similar to Khloe Kardashian cool locks these days. Especially her severe waves. I always thought you had to be super rich or have a really good hair dresser to get those waves but alas, it’s easier than you think to do yourself at home. I managed to do my own waving in less than 15 minutes.


I’ve sectioned my hair into two layers, I go ahead and section the bottom layer into six. Then I take the Big Waves Styler from Diva Pro (£89.99) and clamp it at the top, then a few inches below, then another few inches below that.

What’s great about the Big Waves Styler is that you can create a variety of different style waves. I gripped my hair between the plates giving deep waves that I can repeat all over, leaving me with shiny waves that last. Alternatively you can lock the plates together and wrap the hair around the outside to get a more big-barrelled tong curl effect. Always remember, for less of a wave use bigger sections of hair.

No Fuss

This tool is noticeably different from any other styler I’ve used and like I had, be expected for the comments from your friends and family. I’m about to order my sister one after FaceTiming her and showing her how amazing it is and Daniel stopped when he came into the room and commented how different it looked.

For people with thick coarse hair link mine, it’s good to know that these ceramic plates not only heat up to 210 degrees. The handy dial makes it easier to cool it if you’d rather. They’re also infused with Argan Oil to provide excellent control when you’re curling and the shine is immeasurable. I used no additional product on my hair in these pictures. I first used them on Friday night (as you can see from my Instagram video) for date night with my fiancé Daniel and I loved how super quick it was to do. There’s a fast heat up and handy 3 metre long cable so if you’re lazy like me, you can sit on your bed and do it comfortably. It also comes with a heat resistant glove which I didn’t use but for no other reason than I forgot there was one.

Don’t forget to keep checking my Instagram for discount codes and competitions for brands like these.

What do you think? Have you tried any new tools recently? Comment below Xx

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6 Responses

    1. You should invest and have a try for yourself. It’s so easy. So easy in fact that I managed to do the back without even looking at a mirror – blind!
      Thanks for your kind words x

    1. Thanks Jasmine, it really is so easy! It’s even easier to do a pony tail if it’s all tied up to begin with too. Good luck with the straightening brush

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