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My Weekend Detoxing, Resting & Recovering

Having just returned from Costa Rica, the first couple of weeks back working were rather tiresome to say the least. The laborious task of catching up on over 3,000 emails, voicemail messages and and tax return conversations with my accountant had me feeling like I needed another break. So when I saw the new package at Champneys that helps to combat that festive indulgence and refresh ones self, I couldn’t resist checking in for some alone time. Some rest and recovery to kick start my 2017.

For Those…

Who don’t know Champneys, first of all where have you been? It’s known as the resort that started resorts. An established health spa that’s been around for years and has a pretty special collection of pamper products sold nationwide. Aside from having the usually expected jacuzzi’s and pools, it offers a wide range of spa treatments. In addition, more recently a relaxation hideaway (my favourite), mani and pedi salon and a sensational Wellbeing and Detox Centre. On top of this there are plenty of exercise classes to go around. Not to mention some deliciously healthy food in abundance. Champneys Tring is super close to those living in London too, based in Hertfordshire.

Me, Myself & I

So on the weekend, I packed and headed to Champneys Tring for some quality time with myself and a book. By the way, anyone reading Shantaram right now? Amazing.
Arriving at 2pm, I was greeted with a complimentary welcome drink. Healthy and yummy. Then a porter took my luggage and showed me around the resort. The first person I spotted was a celebrity and I thought hey, if it’s good enough for them…
In my suite, I couldn’t wait to get my swimwear on and wrap myself up in the deliciously warm complimentary robe and slippers. It’s one of those resorts where you can wander round the entire time in your robe (ahh). Except at dinner, where I dined alone in my jeans and again – with my book. I’m pretty sure that was the first time I’d ever had dinner alone and I actually, I quite enjoyed it! Although alcohol was on the menu, I decided to play it healthy with my Firefly juice drink.

The Package

I’d read about the Detox package before I’d arrived. Champneys boast new state-of-the-art facilities and a range of accessible detox programmes to suit all needs so there’s something for everyone. Prices start from a £99 one-day re-boot to a £1,365 five-day overhaul with “Queen of the detox scene” Amanda Hamilton (coming November 2017).
Detox treatments are carefully selected by Champneys experts for their stimulating and cleansing effects. They take place in the ultra-modern, pure white treatment hub. Overall, the system enables you to gain an improved sense of wellbeing with clearer skin, better digestion, more energy and a youthful age-defying glow.


For people in need of a cleansing from the inside and out, the program has been to designed using six steps, each personalised to tailor for each individual. After all, every one is different. Utilising the natural cleansing benefits of seawater and the richness of sea algae, time in the Detox Centre will to aid re-mineralisation and detoxification of the body.
To begin, blood pressure is taken followed by a detoxifying juice shot, (yummy). Then there’s a consultation with a therapist to determine a selected targeted treatment. Results can include anything from deep relaxation to improved circulation, relieved aches and pains and even smooth, toned skin. To enhance your detox experience extra ritual treatments can be added.
On top of the detox package, there’s also the chance to add in additional treatments from the wealth on offer. It’s worth looking into this in advance – particularly on the weekends, as they can get booked up quite quickly. For me, I decided on a 25 minute Champneys Pick Me Up Facial on day 1 and then a scalp massage for day 2. The facial took place in a dark, quiet room where it was difficult to not fall asleep. The products used were catered to my skin’s needs. The scalp massage was gentle enough to send even the most stressed person to sleep – I didn’t want it to end.
After each treatment, I took the opportunity to go and relax on the heated water beds. Covered in thick blankets and soft cushions, falling asleep on these is like sleeping on a cloud. The heated jet spa also offers that lovely water sound helping you drift off.

If That’s Not Enough…

The fitness classes at Champneys run all day every day. The aim of each of these is to help you get the most out of your stay at the resort. Each focus on health and fitness goals – so whether you want to feel rejuvenated or just get a little blood pumping and increase your heart rate, there’s something for everyone. They demonstrate how easy it is to squeeze wellbeing into your everyday routine – with a mindfulness. On offer are evaluations, goal advice, consultations and classes. For a real lifestyle change, try swimming some lengths in the pool. I did and now I’m addicted to swimming – I can’t wait to visit my local pool back at home.

The Food

Another highlight at the resort. You guys know how much of a fiend I can be when it comes to food and so it was refreshing to see Champneys make super healthy food taste absolutely incredible. Their philosophy is simple; at Champneys, it’s all about healthy, delicious and beautiful food that doesn’t focus on fads and fallacies, just good, honest food. You can tell a mile off just how fresh the food is and I love that they use local ingredients.
Dinner and lunch is typically British. Their plates remind you of portion sizes for carbs, protein and veggies – something which definitely made me more mindful when choosing what to put on my plate. They use turkey bacon instead of pork (tick for me), avocado for their chocolate mousse and a high fibre bread with horseradish and pea spread (yummy).
Dining alone was actually quite fun. I did notice I ate a whole lot quicker (perhaps due to lack of conversation or testament to how good the food is). It was nice to enjoy whatever I wanted knowing that it was all low calorie. Food is all included so no need to worry about the prices.


Day visits to Tring start from £99 with overnight stays starting from £225 (single) and £360 (double). Detox Ritual Break from £274 per person at Tring, then as an add on from £99 per person. Champneys have beauty treatments from £20 (eyelash tints) and £25 (waxing) plus lots of other facials, massages and therapy treatments. There are even packages for the expectant mum and loved ones.
You can enjoy the resort alone or with a loved one. Great for a boys or girls weekend away and definitely a place to take your mum as a special treat. My suite was on the garden side so I could enjoy some stunning views of the grounds and enjoy an afternoon tea from the comfort of my private terrace area. Although quite cold, it felt amazing to sit outside after a hot shower to read the paper and drink some coffee.

Have you been to or are you thinking about visiting a Champneys resort? Xx


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4 Responses

  1. This looks so lovely! I would never have thought of doing something like this on my own, but having read your post, it actually appeals to me now. It certainly seems like a really relaxing experience. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. It was so relaxing! And actually quite nice to have some alone time. I’ll definitely be doing it more frequently, even just to escape the business of London!
      Thanks for your comment Xx

  2. This looks incredible and everything I’d ever dreamed of.
    They really need to spread a bit further North. My ‘nearest’ is Springs. A 2 1/2 drive away and a little extra for a spa day or overnight stay. However, if someone else is paying, I’d happily commute!
    Sounds like you had a fab and well deserved rest and reboot.

    1. Yeah I did notice on the map that there aren’t that many! Tring has a big heritage so I imagine that’s why they chose this location. You so should visit though, it’s worth the travel! Xx

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