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Skincare & Makeup That Techy Science People Will Love

Innovation & High Tech Beauty From Rodial


As I’ve said many times before, when I’m spending my days immersed in the grooming/beauty industry for GQ, I’m forever learning about new top secret launches. Launches that are happening months in advance or hearing of the latest innovative ingredient about to take the market by storm.

Whether it’s Japanese inspired applicators or marvellous Korean beauty secrets, there’s always something worth talking about and there’s usually a print and digital media spend of £000’s behind it to make sure you consumers are targeted with the message.

When I first came across Rodial, it was one of those brands that definitely stayed in my memory and actually, genuinely surprised me and made me take note. It was a few years back when they had just launched a product containing snake serum. So yes, you can imagine my reaction.

Now what I’m about to share with you is labelled as ‘dragon’s blood’. Now that surely gives you some indication as to how high tech and innovative the brand is.

Back then I couldn’t work out whether it would really work? Or rather in fact, whether it would just be another fad, (argh, that sentence takes me back to my Uni dissertation days…).

Who are they?

Rodial specialise in high performance products that really make a difference. They’ve been proving their revolutionary  and ground-breaking USP’s (I’m not exaggerating), since 1999. You’ve probably read about them in the likes of Sunday Times Style, Vogue and on many cool beauty blogs all around the world. For women like me, they’re perfect because you can really drill down to whatever skin concern you may have – and girls, I always have many different skin needs depending on season and month. You can then pick a suitable product from one of their ranges and be confident in the fact that – it will work. So what does their skincare collections include?

The Ranges

Bee Venom: A combination of Bee Venom, Stem Cells and peptide technology. This is more suited to anyone looking for an advanced skin care range targeting the multiple signs of advanced aging.

Pink DiamondAmong other things, the diamond powder leaves the complexion radiant and wrinkles smoothed away.
Stem CellFeeds skin for healthy, supple, glowing skin. Great if your skin is looking dull and dehydrated.
SnakeA unique freeze and smooth range of anti-ageing treatments. A must try for everyone – even if it’s sample size.
Super AcidsAll about the resurface, re-texture and renewal. These are great if you don’t have super sensitive skin and again, really do work.

For The Body

Super FitAn advanced targeted body care range that firms, tones and smoothes body parts for a sleeker looking physique.

Today I tried the Dragons Blood range. Namely the Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic (£33) and the Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Mask, (£39). I wasn’t sure what to expect when trying the products after using my normal moisturiser (for sensitive skin) but I was thrilled with results from the very first try.

The Dragon’s Blood range has been designed with three key objectives. To smooth, plump and hydrate all the while reducing skin sagging and the loss of elasticity. After spritzing a few sprays of the tonic, I instantly noticed a difference. My skin saw a surge of hydration and felt more taught – but not in that horrible dry taught way that some sprays can do to you. The tonic has a mix of dragon’s blood and hyaluronic acid and honestly, don’t be nervous. It’s really good for you – even if you have sensitive skin like mine. It’s perfect for that Summer time pick me up (especially if your makeup melts) and can also be really useful when travelling on planes. It certainly gave me that refreshed look where I was almost tempted to leave off the foundation and concealer.

Next I tried the mask. I’d read that this was really great for in-flight nourishment (for your skin girls, not to eat), and that it was a good alternative bed time mask if you wanted something non greasy and non annoying, hah! It has a lovely gel-like consistency and is packed full of 3D ‘filling spheres’ which helps to plump skin. And boy does it pump skin. I was actually quite surprised to learn that this is only £39 because it definitely had the substantials to be more expensive.

For the makeup, rather than throw everything into a range just to tick a box like some brands, they’ve carefully curated their collection to really pair with what the customers love about the brand in the first place.

The packaging is super luxe and the face products come in very handy compacts complete with mirrors.

I tried the Instaglam Compact Deluxe Banana Powder, (£52) which acts as a highlighter over your foundation but cleverly contours the face without you even trying. It does this with its yellow shade, which corrects surface redness and pink undertones whilst neutralising blue under eye circles. It’s great for stopping your foundation from sinking into fine lines too. 

Once the powder has set, I applied the Instaglam Compact Deluxe Bronzing Powder (£52) which added a natural bronzed look to the areas where I usually get touched by the sun first (nose, forehead, chin). It’s matte which is great for a more natural finish. 

Once bronzed, I used the Instaglam Compact Deluxe Illuminating Powder (£52) to accentuate cheekbones and illuminate my face. It’s soft to touch and super easy to apply and build up without looking like I’ve caked the makeup on. For the final touch, I used the Blusher in colour South Beach (£30)  on the apples of my cheeks which gave a velvety finish. 

Have you tried anything from Rodial? What is your favourite ‘innovative’ makeup? Comment below Xx

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3 Responses

  1. My sister brought me the super glam lip balm for christmas, I love that! Its a sheer baby pink colour, with a rose scent and subtly plumps the lips.
    I haven’t been too impressed with their mascara – it ends up beneath my eyes and I look like I have been punched in the face!

    1. Thanks for your comment Leyla. I’m not sure that I’ve tried the lip balm. Does it last long? It sounds divine!
      That’s not good about the mascara. Weirdly I sometimes notice that if I’m using particularly oily under eye cream or concealer too with some other mascara’s. Usually the ones that are designed to be taken off easily with eye makeup remover haha xoxo

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