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Wrist Updates With Lacoste: Silicone Watches


Silicone Watches

At a time when people around the world are living in lockdown, in many ways we’re demanding more from our clothes and accessories than ever before. More and more we are looking to comforting pieces and things we can really cherish. I wrote about our changing attitudes in this post on whether things are owning us and it’s true, we are shopping differently today.

Right now longevity has replaced ‘I really like it‘ in my decision making process. I want things that will last and are worth investing in rather than fast fashion, things I can only wear once or twice before the inventible disintegration because ‘it’s so cheap!’. Lockdown has taught me to value my purchases because the pieces I choose to invest in have never had more significance.


Utilising their sporting background, Lacoste fuse functionality with style to create their new contemporary collections. They’re continuing to embrace a bold use of colour (like their timeless polo shirt as well as shoes and trainers) and have launched this stunning timepiece in silicone. Regular readers will know how much I love a metal strap but I wanted to mix it up a little for Summer.

The pink Lacoste 12.12 silicone watch is the perfect Summer hue. Not only that but the silicone material works so much better with my uniform of tracksuits and jeans than a metal strap. It’s 5ATM – water resistant to 50 metres (160 feet) so I can even wear it in the shower (and eventually, to the swimming pool). Right now Lacoste also have a 30% off offer on other mens, women’s and kids apparel.


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