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How ‘PLEASE’ Has Helped My Mental Health During Lockdown


What is PLEASE?

PLEASE is one of the skills we learn in DBT therapy, therapy that teaches skills to cope with and change unhealthy ways. PLEASE is one of many ‘Emotional Regulation’ skills that sounds like a no brainer but is one that many of us neglect without realising. During lockdown it’s helped me take care of my physical self which in turn, has helped my mental health. It focuses on taking care of physical health because if we neglect our physical health, we open ourselves up to being very vulnerable emotionally. During lockdown of we’re forced to stay home and not go about our usual way of life so the PLEASE skill is going to help you too.


What does PLEASE mean?

PL: Physical Living. Treating physical illness and seeing a doctor where necessary. Also taking medication (if you need to) and supplements.
E: Eating balanced, nutritious food and making sure proportions are correct. It’s about eating regularly for function and doing so mindfully. It’s important to avoid foods that make you feel overly emotional (for instance, processed/fried foods).
A: Avoid mood-altering substances. So, staying off drugs, alcohol and anything else that affects your mood. E.g. try decaf.
S: Sleep. Balanced sleep is critical to overall emotional wellbeing and physical/mental health. Adopt a sleep hygiene plan if you struggle with sleep.
E: Exercise. 20 minutes a day exercise boosts your physical and mental health.

It’s not always easy and there are some days where I don’t do well in everything. It’s a great structure though. Each day I write them down and tick them off. I like to add in some mindful activities/self care too. It gets easier the more you practice. These days, I wake and take my supplements. Then I ensure I’ve three meals planned for the day and consider what else I can do if I feel an urge to reach for the wine, caffeine or anything else that can affect my mood negatively. I’ll check back on my list around 8pm and I’ll do a blast of exercise if nothing’s been done during the day. I like to be in bed by 10pm. It’s a great skill to try.


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