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Favourite Trend: Blue Lenses Edit

Blue Lenses

‘Blue lenses’. Those two little words conjures up the image of Justin Timblerlake and Britney Spears dressed in their matching double denim outfits on the red carpet at the 2001 American Music Awards. Don’t quote me on the blue lens thing because I can’t remember for sure if they were actually blue. Regardless, the image is hideous. The modern day take on the blue lens however is no where near as horrifying and I’m really enjoying the hue. By the way, how was Britney/Justin 19 years ago?

Given my brunette hair and dark brows, I like my blue lens to contrast against a heavy colour or tortoise shell. I also like the chic and sophisticated oversized round shape. Because I’ve a heart shaped face with quite big cheeks, I tend to steer more towards a structured frame (note the sides) rather than two circle lenses a lá John Lennon. I can’t quite believe that these ones are only £10, I truly think they look so much more expensive. On that note, here are more blue lenses for a high street and high end budget.

High Street


High End


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