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Party & Work Shoes: The Luxury Guide For The Minimalist & Maximalist Inbetweeners

I gave my feet a Summer refresh (out with minimalism in with colour)...

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links throughout

I never thought I’d hear myself say this but I’ve had enough of minimalism. My social media is awash with muted tones, same-same style and easy to piece together (boring) staples. I’m not knocking it; I love it for you. But I’ve rediscovered the joy of colour and the happiness that’s brought with vibrancy and texture. I forgot just how much delight can be brought from mixing colour, from injecting some maximalism back into my wardrobe.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen the unboxing of the insane new mules from The Attic. If you’re not a fan of the gold, they also have them in a range of other colours and texture. Gold though, is one of the easiest shoes to pair with most outfits. They’re not cheap (£590) but a cult purchase with a high resale value (important if like me you sell your shoes on to make room for more).

So, feeling inspired, here’s my edit of 10 party shoes and 6 work shoes if you’re somewhere between minimalist and maximalist.


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