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AD | How To Mix Up Your Hydration Routine

Looking after my skin dominates my morning and evening routines. I’m totally obsessed with looking after it; trying to reduce wrinkles and trialling lots of non evasive treatments that can keep it looking bright and radiant. For me, prevention is super important. It’s no secret that hydration goes hand in hand with wellbeing and optimum skin condition so I’m often sat at my GQ desk with a large bottle of water. When I’m not consciously drinking in front of a computer though, it can often slip my mind to stay hydrated. Shopping on Oxford Street, Bond Street and Marylebone High Street can often result in feeling parched and it’s usually a refreshing (translation, sugary) drink that quenches my thirst. It’s detrimental to skin and unwinds all of the hard work and time/money spent buying creams and masks. 

That was until I started noticing Nuva water stocked in Waitrose, Whole Foods and Boots as well as Amazon and many more. With absolutely no sugar, calories or even a trace of sweetener, I know they’re good for my skin (tick) and overall health (tick). Nuva brings customers completely natural spring water with just a kiss of delicious flavours, all without adding any preservatives or additives. It’s a must for the busy girls hand bag.

What’s also great about Nuva is the story behind the brand. It definitely has a less corporate feel and when you read about the founders, Gemma Pond and Christine Renier, who created the business by tapping into their own personal needs (natural, authentic, something different), it sways my decision to choose it. Nuva came down to their “desire to offer people better choices”. What’s interesting is that Christine also spent a while developing the Evian brand in the UK so knows a thing or two about water. 

When you think about it, it’s so easy to incorporate water into your day to day routine. Take the Cucumber and Mint flavour for instance, I love drinking this when I’m cleansing or doing a face mask. Not only does the flavour fill you with beautifying vitamins but it’s also cooling and great for keeping you hydrated. When I’m cleansing first thing in the morning or relaxing in the evening with a face mask, I’ll drink a bottle to help supply my skin with goodness and help to flush out toxins.

If it’s a case of getting ready for a big night night or just applying that extra bit of day time makeup for a lunch or afternoon tea, I like to feel rejuvenated and fresh, full of energy for what’s to come. So when I’m doing my makeup or getting ready at home I love to have the Ginger and Lemon flavour by my side. The ginger helps with digestion while the lemon is great as an anti bacterial agent, helping your insides. The taste is refreshing and invigorating: the lemon and ginger is definitely more on the ‘perkier’ side!

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