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I Upgraded my GHD Styler & Got Some New Accessories

When I think of GHD I’m reminded of my trusty pair at home. I’ve had them for a few years. They’ve even been around the world with me and have helped me get ready for nights out. They are long lasting and often patented with the tri-zone technology that helps the tool deliver its renowned high performance.

It’s been a while since I considered a new pair because mine – really are – still GREAT. But when I saw the new updated versions I couldn’t help but be curious as to what I’ve been missing out on. People are always upgrading their iPhones so why don’t we look to upgrade our hair instruments more often?

jade styler

Scrolling on their site, a few took my fancy; namely the GHD V Atlantic Jade Styler. The limited edition styler comes with its own protective roll bag and the expected rounded barrel which I love for helping me create curls, waves and sometimes flicks to the front of my hair. Obviously not forgetting just how great they are at actually straightening hair – even my frizzy mane.

The styler comes complete with an extra long swivel cord for easy usage (none of that tangling nonsense that you get with other stylers) and a convenient, universal voltage which offers the same high impact finish no matter where you are in the world, so need to worry about those half-hearted heated irons that you may be use to with other brands. You can also rest in peace during the day knowing that there is no way your house will burn down (we do do that) because they have a handy automatic shut off after thirty minutes. Relief!

consistent quality

What makes these a great update to my current GHD stylers though, are the smoother plates that have a high gloss finish, enabling them to effortlessly glide through hair leaving a sleek, polished finish. I really did notice the difference the first time I used them after roughly blow drying my hair. The advanced ceramic heat technology also gives a consistent temperature and the contoured plates are perfect for adapting to whatever hair style you are trying to achieve literally at the twist of a wrist.

The GHD V Atlanic Jade Styler (£130) has a fun, pearlescent green finish and a matching heat-resistant bag which is great when travelling. Come on girls, how many times have you just thrown yours into your case and left? This ensures they’re kept safe and free from damage. The colour is completely limited edition. If you like this one, you’ll also want to check out the chic white GHD Platinum White Styler (£165) and the GHD Platinum Styler (£165). Both are equally as gorgeous and are equipped with the GHD tri-zone® technology.  There are six sensors meeting every objective you could possible ask for from your styler, including reducing hair breakage by over 50% and increasing shine by 20%.


But as we all know, it’s not just the styler that can enhance a look. The products you’re using also makes a massive difference. So when I tried the GHD Natural Bristle Radial Brush (featured is the 44mm barrel), I was thrilled to be able to create bigger and better waves and a side quiff which kept when my hair was both down or tied up into a pony tail. For a smoother, curled salon quality style, I first used GHD Advances Split End Therapy which noticeably strengthened and restored my ends, offering protection before the heat was applied. You only need a teeny bit as the product really does go a long way. Once hair was styled, I held the curls with GHD Curl Hold Spray. The product isn’t too heavy and doesn’t leave that horrible film or crunchy feel that you get with some sprays.

GHD are great for all hair types and lengths (but you already knew that). GHD have always been proven to give salon style finishes but with less hassle and no skill necessary. If you haven’t visited the GHD website in a while, it’s really worth a look because the hair products are absolutely worth a try.

Now to try the hairdryer! 

Have you tried anything from GHD? What are your thoughts? 

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