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How To Maintain Minimalist Style

I do a little private consulting for some brands and for them, picking a small edit of what to market as their capsule collection is a big decision. A minimalist wardrobe is also a hot topic for clients when I’m personal styling. Clearer wardrobe, clearer mind. But how do you create a minimalist wardrobe? It doesn’t have to be just 5 things on a rail…


What Is It?

‘Minimalist wardrobe, capsule collection, seasonal…’

They’re staples, basics, things you’ll wear over and over. It’s a curation of key pieces that reflect your personal style and can be augmented with other seasonal pieces to create a different look each time.

Take Out: Pick out your favourite top, jumper and so on. Make sure they’re versatile enough to work really hard all season and as these are everyday pieces there’s no need to include the ballgowns!



Kill The Unnecessary

‘Donate or share…’

Living in the city where space is a challenge there’s no point hoarding things that’ll never see the light of day so get storing or donating!
Take Out: Rid the non essentials (like those 5 year old H&M bangles, the chunky and blingy necklaces) and in turn you’ll have a clear head and clear mind.

Fast Choices

“I’ll wear it at some point”, “I’ll slim down”…

Done a mammoth online order and only loved one or two things? Thinking of ways to justify keeping everything?
Take Out: Take time to visit stores and try on outfits. Buying what you find that you love at that time eliminates the need to panic buy online. Less stuff means faster decisions can be made each morning.



‘Quality is the only investment that never fails…’

Unlike some of my clients we can’t all afford expensive designer pieces but we can make the right kind of investment wisely.
Take Out: Better to own an expensive blazer than 10 cheap, poor quality ones that’ll fall apart. Spending around £100 now will pay off when you’re still accessorising the same basics that look as good as new later on.


Take Time

‘Consider everything…’

If you can’t spend the entire afternoon clearing out do it over 30 days an area at a time.

Take Out: Starting at your sock drawer has been proven to be a great starting point. You’ll discover mental clarity after consolidating your wardrobe – give it a go!


Leggings – Oasis

Blazer – River Island

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Bag – Zara (old season)


Words & styling by Lauren Silvester

Photography by Zoe Griffin 

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