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Review Of The New Elemis Superfood Skincare That Promises To Nourish & Take Care Of Skin

I’m always trying new skincare products and am often unimpressed hence them not making the blog. But when a new range like this comes out that actually makes a noticeable difference, I really look forward to writing about it!

Elemis Superfood 

I raved about this on my IG. If you’re a fan of holistic nutrition for your skin then you’ll love the new Superfood range from Elemis.


What Is It?

Using Pre-Biotics, the range helps to protect and maintain the skin’s microbiome by only feeding the ‘good’ microflora in our bodies. Sounds technical. It basically means it’s using really good natural ingredients to influence the level of good-to bad bacteria helping us build a barrier to protect better, healthy looking skin.

The Range

There are 4 products feeding from ‘the outside in’:

  1. The Superfood Facial Wash
  2. Superfood Day Cream
  3. Superfood Night Cream
  4. Award-winning Superfood Facial Oil



Day Cream & Night Cream

Don’t be fooled in to thinking that thick and heavy creams are going to give better moisture; they usually just give me a layer of film which ends up making my foundation look really cakey. Superfood day cream (£42) is different. It’s lightweight, it smells divine and is super hydrating thanks to its anti-oxidant rich oils, vitamin rich Supergreens and active Pre-Biotic. The night cream (£46) helps you wake up with skin that feels like you’ve been for a walk in the fresh air.


Superfood Face Wash

You know those days where you don’t want anything stripped or peeled and you just want some gentle and kind, TLC? This gel cleanser (£25) is super nourishing and when washed off, leaves skin feeling really smooth and balanced. Among others ingredients, wheatgrass, kale, and nettle are combined to leave the complexion looking luminous, bright and radiant.

Superfood Oil

A few drops of this award-winning oil go a long way so it’s well worth the price tag (£45). With a blend of plant-based superfoods such as broccoli, flax seed and daikon radish skin is deeply nourished. I like to rub a few drops on my hand, rub together to warm the oil and press on to my skin to ensure a deeper saturation.


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