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I’m Giving Away My Clothes For This Wonderful Cause


I’ve made no secret that I’m a big advocate of donating to charities. So today I’ve teamed up with Save The Children to share some super exciting news of a Mary Portas exclusive.
I’m often asked about my wardrobe. Truth be told I’ve a closet that’s bursting and as a result I have a rail of clothes in my kitchen and pieces stored inside a SuperKing divan bed (those cool ones that lift up). I also have about 15 draws so full of clothes that they’re breaking so it’s a total mess. Almost every week I have a clear out and I’m now at the stage where Everything. Must. Go.


Mary’s Living & Giving

Mary Portas has created new boutique retail charity stores exclusively for Save the Children and they need your help. They house high street fashion as well as designer pieces and furthermore, 100% of all profits goes to Save the Children.

Some really cool brands are already supplying clothes and they’re working with celebrities including Laura Bailey, Victoria Beckham and Poppy Delevingne. The stores look fabulous; a real pleasure to shop at. They rely on you as well, fashionistas like you and I to donate to the shops. We’re working together to talk to you and ask for your pre-loved pieces.

They’re designed with the local area in mind.  For example the shop in Kew has a beautiful botanical theme whilst the walls in the new shop in Stoke Newington are adorned with one off pieces of art by East London artist Tomartacus. Already they’ve raised a serious £11 million to help Save the Children positively impact the lives of children around the world.

Find your local shop here.


Why Give?

* Giving is a quick and easy way to help a cause if you don’t have the time to volunteer.
* You’re helping Save The Children protect children, givig them a healthy start and the chance to learn.
* Make a difference; clothes will be bought by others who’ll love them!
* It may encourage you to pay the store a visit where you’ll know doubt pick up bargain. Ever heard my story about the pre-loved YSL bag I saw in a charity shop?
* Bring more meaning to your life. As a result of giving, selfishly you feel so good about yourself!

What will you be giving?




Words & Styling by Lauren Silvester

Photography by Zoe Griffin

Store image courtesy of Save The Children

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