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This Is What A Psychic Told Me When I Was 21

Around the age of 8 I tried to contact the dead with a volume of determination not to dissimilar to me finishing off a stuffed crust margarita on a Friday night. I’d seen psychics do it without much effort on the TV. When the Ouija board wouldn’t do anything exciting though, my friends and I would get up off the pavement and go digging at ‘the bombs’ instead (two homes bombed during the war and never rebuilt). So you see, I’ve always had quite an active imagination and a sprinkle of fascination with the spiritual world. Not in an obsessive way, I just wouldn’t shut down a conversation with a ‘that’s nonsense’ wave of the hand. I’m open.
I used to be slightly superstitious. The typical ‘don’t walk under a ladder’ or ‘don’t cross on the stairs’. When I met my husband I became a little more (he’s Jewish and opened me up to a host of other habits, like never leaving a book open or not visiting a head stone at a cemetery if pregnant). For him though, that’s where the buck stops. Last year I was convinced that my late Nanna was trying to get through to me by leaving 5p coins around the home. It’s said that coins are a way loved ones get in touch. Suddenly I’d see them everywhere. It gave me an urge to go see a psychic. Was she there? Of course when I told Dan about it he went and got a load of 5ps and purposely left them everywhere to wind me up!
My Nanna would always say ‘I think I’m a little bit psychic, you know’. As a teen I’d have dreams that would sometimes come true, sort of like premonitions. My sis and I always felt a connection like this with her. Perhaps it’s in the family!

I Know About You

Aged 21 something happened to me during my Saturday job that has stuck with me. Make of it what you will but it still gives me chills. I’ve only shared this story with a few people because I know, even seeing it written down, it sounds bonkers.
I was at the till staring out at the shop floor. It was a small store in Bristol’s Cribbs Causeway. I noticed a woman walk past the shop door and stop to look at me. She walked off and then turned and walked back. She came into the shop and came up to me. “You probably think I’m mad but I just had to come in and talk to you. I receive future information linked to auras…”
Err, what? Is she talking about the nightclub Aura?
“I’m getting yours strongly. I don’t want any money and don’t want anything from you but I have to tell you, you’re going to experience a lot of suffering in life”.
“It will come and go. You will find it hard. Life will be tough but you will be ok. I see you unhappy in your current relationship, your boyfriend is cheating on you…”
He was.
“You won’t marry who you think you’re going to marry, in fact you haven’t even met your husband yet”.
Ok, easy prediction.
“In about 5 years you will lose someone significant and it will change your life”.
I know what you’re thinking. Was I going to murder my cheating boyfriend? Nope. My Nanna, who I was very close to, died when I was 26, 5 years later. I’ve never gotten over it I just learn to live with it.
“Your wedding won’t be as you imagine it to be and you’ll have one daughter, maybe two, it’s too blurry, don’t wait too long”.
My wedding ended up being Jewish, in England, whilst I was pregnant – none of which I’d imagined there and then. I have one girl, she’s almost 3. Holy cow.

Strange but true

I can’t remember much else of what she said. Today, whenever I’m having a hard time with BPD and I ask my husband when will the suffering end, I think back to the woman. The woman in her nice crisp white shirt and cool shoes who told me it will be ok. I’ve got to confess, I do believe it is possible to connect with another world so perhaps I did look in to this a little too much. I used to think that these types of psychics were money making cons. Now though, I think differently. So much so that after the 5p incident last year, it made me go and call three psychics… I’ll tell you about that very soon!


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Words & styling by Lauren Silvester, photography by Zoe Griffin

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