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Lagom with Volvo



As you’ll have seen on my Instagram I recently went to The Grove (aka spa heaven) with the guys (and gals) who work on promoting Volvo. More specifically the launch of the cool new XC40 SUV.


It was a Swedish inspired, immersive break away with a spotlight on ‘Lagom‘; the Swedish lifestyle concept relating to ‘not too much‘ and ‘not too little‘. Essentially the balance, quiet satisfaction and comfort of not taking more than you need from our planet. It ties in nicely with what the XC40 represents.


XC40 in the City

You may have already heard about the XC40. Designed from Swedish creativity, it was awarded ‘What Car? Car of the Year 2018’. It’s a small SUV with a difference and has been designed with the modern person in mind. It offers exceptional smart technology (linking Spotify, sat nav and more) and ingenious storage. It’s perfect for my everyday life in the city! Not overly ostentatious yet not a cheap and unreliable run-around. It’s just right.
As you all know I passed my test last year and went straight to an automatic Audi Quattro Q3 (Black Edition S Line). It’s my dream car so I was a bit sceptical as to whether the Volvo XC40 could live up to the same expectations. It did. With it’s luxurious interior, well thought out storage (hooks for your takeaway, ergonomic boot design and even a designated space for your laptop) it’s even comfortable enough to drive around my baby girl. It acts as your intelligent co-driver too by automatically stopping if it gets too close to another car (something I definitely need). Driving for an hour (cautiously, never exceeding the speed limit) to the first activity was really rather enjoyable.

The black XC40; my car for the day!


Lagom – Themed Weekend

A combination of learning, relaxing and simplicity. There were three activities; packing, photographing and relaxing!
1.How to pack the perfect suitcase (not too much, not too little) with the award-winning stylist to the stars, Alexandra Wood. I asked ‘how do you keep that all important crease down the front of trousers when travelling’?

2.Private viewing at Henry Moore Studios & Gardens and learning how to take the perfect picture with the super talented fashion photographer, Lowe H Seger. Having been published in for Vogue Russia and DANSK, he’s definitely an inspiration!


Lagom in Life

I ended the day with a gorgeous massage at The Grove’s Sequoia Spa and Luxury Resort. It was the perfect balance and great way to wind down before indulging in a Swedish inspired evening dinner.
The weekend has taught me that excess doesn’t enrich one’s life and if we all adopted a little ‘Lagom’, we’d be able to create a more sustainable way of living and in a way, appreciate the real experiences and values. It’s good to be less stressed when it comes to work and indulge more in our hobbies and do more of what we enjoy.


What do you think of the new XC40?          


Phone tshirt – Loewe

Casey Jeans – River Island

Ace Sneakers – Gucci


Words & Styling: Lauren Silvester


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