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My Relationship With Perseverance Will Hopefully Empower Other Women

My school logo featured an eagle with the words ‘Perseverance’ in Welsh and English. So from a young age I always knew the importance of it for success in life. But recently for once I felt like quitting, like giving up on my dream.

Generally I’d say I’m pretty tenacious person. I’m definitely a ‘how do I do it?‘ person, not a ‘what if?’ person. Right now though I’m super time poor with a baby and the blog’s been suffering. I’ve always put so much time and energy into what I’m doing that I end up feeling emotional when things don’t go my way.

‘The other day, exhausted from trying and feeling defeated, I considered giving it all up’.



Changing Tact

After a good nights sleep I realised perseverance has never been more important. Today it’s about changing my goals, striving for excellence instead of an end result and ultimately reshaping my attitude. In life I do believe one can have everything just not at the same time. It got me thinking about how to stay motivated to persevere. After all, perseverance is key to any success!


Motivations to Persevere:

* Worrying detracts from your focus. Clear your mind to allow way for creativity and inspiration which can help guide you through your crossroads.
* Effort and investments are different depending on what you’re trying to achieve. A relationship, a job or self employed success… don’t expect cross overs. What works in one area won’t always work in another.
* What inspired your passion in the first place? For me, blogging was never a financial goal it was always just to document what I enjoy.
* Own your technology don’t let it own you. It’s easy to let yourself waste lots of time aimlessly scrolling.
* Get help. Speak to new people, get a second opinions and ask for feedback.
* Don’t have a sense of entitlement. Just because my blog is 2 years old doesn’t mean I should have 50k+ followers on Instagram or that I’m entitled to every campaign going. You will stumble along the way.
* There is nothing wrong with quitting. Do what feels right for you. Life is short



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