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Why You Should Not Shy Away From Difficult Situations & How To Embrace It

Do you ever get that turn in your stomach? The one when you’re about to do something that you really don’t want to do? Have you felt that fluttering all over your body when you want to say no but you’ve already said yes to an upcoming situation you’d rather avoid? I acknowledged these kinds of feelings in my post ‘How To Stop Saying Yes & Regain Your Life‘. Here I talked about becoming less of a ‘yes’ person and more of a ‘me first’ kind of gal. But it did get me thinking.

Often in life, there are times where an uncomfortable situation can’t be avoided. So rather than anticipating the unbearable, it’s about time to start considering how to make the best of a bad situation and stop wallowing in negative thoughts. Believe me, I’m definitely someone who would rather go through life living in a comfort zone but over the years, it’s the times where I’ve had to wise up that have helped me grow, develop and become the person that I am today.

Know That You’re Not Always In Control

In ‘The Art Of Happiness’ by the Dalai Lama, it’s discussed that in life some things are out of our hands. The one thing that will cause nothing but negativity is… worry. Worrying wastes time, expends valuable energy and overall turns the body into a state of unnecessary anxiousness. The term ‘go with the flow’ is just as important in the run up to an uncomfortable situation as it is during.

Identify Why

Is there a particular reason that you’re going to find the situation uncomfortable? Think about it, is it because of other people? Is it to do with timing? Is it you that you’re afraid of? Over the years I’ve learned that often for me, an uncomfortable situation is made painful because of how people will perceive me. Luckily I’ve learned that and have gotten over it. If I hadn’t, I’m sure I wouldn’t be blogging and putting my life out there!

Stop Over-thinking Things

The prospect of giving birth terrifies me. But I know in September it’s going to happen. And I know there’s nothing I can do to stop it. Rather than worrying and over thinking it, I’ve decided to not give it a second thought until it’s actually happening on the day. In life, over analysing ends up in a further resentment to do something and a more anxious mind. You need to train yourself to get things done.

Know It’s Ok To Fail Sometimes

Have you heard the story about Michael Jordan’s failures? How he says it’s helped him become a globally recognised world champion basketball player? Hard to imagine isn’t it. He said himself “I know that fear is an obstacle for some people, but for me it is just an illusion. Failure always makes me try harder on the next opportunity”. Not many people know he was often overlooked by a coach in the beginning. All because he didn’t meet the minimum height restrictions. In life, being OK with failing and knowing how to use it to your advantage is a key skill. Accepting that you’re not always going to be dealt a ‘Royal Flush’ will help you become a more fully rounded individual.

Know That Other’s May Feel The Same

I’ve attended many networking events alone in my career, ones hundreds of other big name, important people are in attendance. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re the only one feeling nervous or conscious of making a fool of themselves. Others will too. They just don’t tell you. I once got offered a job with a magazine but took the role at their competitor title. Very awkward bumping into the person at an event but good to discover they felt the same about seeing me. As humans, we’re not always great at communicating but good at ‘showing face’.

What do you do to gear yourself up? Xx

Psst… did you know that I’m expecting a baby this September? Read all about it on my new second blog, I’d love to know what you think!

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