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How To Become More Confident

confidence = mindset.

It’s not a quality or a character trait. At work and in presentations, I can be my absolute most confident. Bright, bubbly and articulate. When it comes to travelling to an event in East London though, I feel out of my comfort zone. I freak out about getting lost. That’s not to say I get a nose bleed whenever I venture East. I just can’t bear the thought of not knowing where I am.

Often people who struggle with confidence issues have suffered while growing up and are still trying to overcome them. For some, it’s not easy. People in today’s society are expected to fall into place and meet a certain expectation but the sad reality is that some people can truly suffer in silence. In my first job, I remember having to stand in front of 25 staff and be tested on the spot the circulation of 16 different magazines. It’s a good job that confidence wasn’t an issue for me back then but I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I was less self-assured.

Confidence is something that with practice, you can learn how to switch on. It’s a case of simplifying how to be confident and just doing it. Firstly, it’s important to never let someone’s opinion change the way you’re doing things. Never care about what people think – that’s the biggest challenge.

Your image is key. Body language and good grooming are essential considerations that will make you feel more confident from the inside. If you’re stood presenting with a broken heel and chipped nail polish, you’ll have extra things to worry about. Be in a position to take command of your presentation and stand up straight.

Accepting what you can’t change is another tick. There will always be some drama or problem to fix, always be delays somewhere along the route to your goal and obstacles to overcome. Treat them as such and know that you have to deal with it. Being present in the moment and focusing on surpassing the issue will help keep your blood pressure and anxiety at bay.

And Finally

It’s crucial to enhance your support network. I notice such a difference if I don’t see friends or speak with my family for a long period of time. It’s been scientifically proven that if you close in on yourself (never leave your room, your sofa etc) then you’re more likely to increase your social anxiety and be less confident. A problem shared with friends and getting advice from as many people as possible will always make you feel more confident. Reading is another useful tool. Researching your hobbies, reading up on that tricky subject or just reading the news. Reading also improves your vocabulary helping you adopt a more assertive, rhythmic tone.

One way of damaging not only your own but other people’s confidence is by being negative. Rid of any negative energy and people in your life and always have a positive mental attitude. Finally it goes without saying that your preparation is always key. Research that journey in advance, bring those additional batteries or chargers, have your outfit or speech planned before hand.

Are you a confident person? How do you improve your confidence? Comment below Xx

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