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Thou Shalt Not Instagram Sin

A Delve Into Insta-Etiquette

For some, Instagram is a glimpse into someone else’s world. For others, an exploration of a favourite category like fashion, food or beauty. For brands who are desperately trying to modernise, it’s their rubber ring saving them from drowning. For successful fashion and beauty brands, it’s another route to market; something they’re utilising to promote campaign messages and target potential consumers.  Is Instagram the new Pinterest, a place to play around?

I love Instagram, can’t get enough. When I’m out, I’ll catch an angle of something so random that I think to myself, that’d look cool on Instagram. You could say that I literally see things in Instagram squares. However you use Instagram, let me know in the comments below.

When it comes to Instagram etiquette however, this is something that’s relatively unexplored. Yes there’s the usual ‘don’t be mean’, ‘don’t be a weirdo’ and ‘don’t be disgusting’ but delve deeper and frequent Instagram users will tell you there is so much more to think about.

1. Commenting On Everything

When I see a comment on my photo, I read it and if appropriate, reply back. When I see a person writing on two of my photos, it’s nice to see and again if relevant, I’ll reply. When I see the same comment on 25 of my photos and the same comment on other bloggers’ photos, I begin to question their integrity and essentially find it annoying.

2. Like Pictures In Abundance

Like any blogger, I think it’s pretty sweet when my followers ‘like’ a picture of mine. Maybe even two. But as above, when I have an alert that someone has liked every one of my 601 photographs and I’m scrolling and scrolling down my feed with that one person dominating the entire view, it makes me wonder – do they want stand out and to get my attention or do they genuinely like every single photo that I’ve ever uploaded?

3. Check Us Out

Putting a compliment on a photo is cool and following up with ‘check us out too’ is fine. The second time I can deal with. When it’s on every photo the second I upload something, it’s spammy and irritating. Use the comment function to self promote by all means but remember there’s a limit.

4. Think That People Don’t See You

We are only human and (some more than others) are often tempted to speak out or voice opinions on someone else’s photo. Even if that person has 1.5 million followers, remember, they can see you and they too have feelings. So think twice before acting out of character and remember, tagging in your friend identifies them in the situation too.

5. Worry Over Your Feed

I’m not talking food, I’m talking the general aesthetic of your Instagram board. Instagram should be fun, playful and quirky not anxiety inducing and stressful.

6. Set Up Your Own Fan Account

This is just weird. You are basically pretending to be someone else setting up a fan page for yourself. Let that sink in.

7. Overtag

As much as you may think someone may be interested in your company, photo, product or lifestyle, tagging strangers in the hope to draw attention is abuse of Instagram and really boring.

8. You’re Now A Blogger

I’ve so many feelings about the word ‘blogger’ (I’ve only ever said ‘my blog’ a handful of times in real life) because I’m still unsure when you can title yourself as a ‘blogger’. There are so many hard working, well-established bloggers (I’ve only been ‘blogging’ as a hobby for a year) but on Instagram wow, have you seen how many self-proclaimed bloggers there are? It’s super easy to use #Blogger in a picture of your new Zara handbag and voila guess what you now are. Well, it kind of doesn’t work like that…

Do you have any Instagram sins of your own? Would love to hear them, comment below…

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