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AD| How To Give Up Clothes For Good With TK Maxx

Donate a Bag of Clothes & Help Beat Children’s Cancer

A wardrobe clear out usually means bagging up unwanted hats, shoes. That ‘what was I thinking’ top and some heels that you just know you won’t wear again. Sometimes when having a clear out I like to recreate that scene from the Sex and the City movie where they’re packing up Carrie’s closet. It’s handy to get other’s advice on what to KEEP and what to DONATE.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that like many around the world, my family are deeply affected my Cancer. Friday it was the four year anniversary of my Nanna passing. There’s also a baby in my extended family who has always suffered from the problems associated with Cancer from birth. It touches family, friends as well as the child himself.

What Do I Need From You?

Please get involved by commenting on the pictures below what you think I should KEEP or DONATE to the campaign. In doing so, others can see your comments and together we’re raising awareness of the campaign. You can see in the first pic below, there are some leopard print boots, a blue skirt, black top and pink shoes. Should I KEEP all? DONATE all? Or give/keep bits? I’ll be putting these pics on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too.

‘Give Up Clothes for Good’ is TK Maxx’s national cancer awareness charity campaign in partnership with Cancer Research UK, Kids & Teens.

Today, you can donate to Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens via TK Maxx. Each bag could generate as much as £25. Donated items are sold by Cancer Research UK shops to raise much-needed funds, or if they cannot be sold, are recycled. All money raised goes directly towards helping beat children’s’ cancers sooner.

Since 2004 TK Maxx have raised over £25.5 million for Cancer Research UK’s work through stock and cash donations with over £21.5 million supporting research into children’s cancers specifically. TK Maxx hosts the UK’s longest running clothes collection with £25.5m raised since 2004. ‘Give Up Clothes for Good’ is in its 12th year and its aim is to get the British public to donate quality, unwanted clothing and homeware to their nearest TK Maxx store to support Cancer Research UK.

The campaign will run all year round, giving people more opportunities to donate and support, raising more funds for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens and helping to beat children’s cancers sooner. If you want to read more about this beautiful initiative, please visit

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2 Responses

  1. what a refreshing post! In the blogging world we’re so often preoccupied by clothes and beauty that we forget about things that really matter and the little things we can do to help. I’m due to have a wardrobe clear out before I go back to uni – I’m definitely going to get a bag of clothes together to donate!

    1. Hi Eva,
      Thanks so much for your comment. You are so right. When I was going through all of my clothes I couldn’t believe how much I had that I never wear and would never bother to sell. It’s such a worthy cause and a charity so close to my heart.
      Let me know what you donate!
      Lauren xx

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