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How I Used Gaia Products To Recreate A Spa In The Comfort Of My Own Home

& Enjoyed A Truly Peaceful Time

It’s even been clinically proven that switching off and giving yourself some much needed R&R has an abundance of benefits to the human body. However, regular spa trips can be a super expensive habit. So what better way to get a fix than to splurge on some amazing spa goodies to use in the comfort of your own home? And I’m not talking about spa products that you need to fuss over and use a stop watch with. Nope. I’m talking about a top quality brand that’s been inspired by Mother Nature to help you enjoy your precious time and connect with yourself again.

What Is Gaia?

I have to admit that any that brand that goes out of their way to ensure they’re using as many natural ingredients as possible gets a thumbs up from me. I read that Gaia combines an extensive amount of research, spa experience and ancient traditions to bring customers a luxury experience – at spa or at home. On first impressions, the scents are out of this world.


First of all, I switched on the shower. Then I lit the Gaia Awakening Candle (£25). At first the smell of the essential oils (geranium, lemongrass and petitgrain) got me so excited for the shower and I couldn’t wait to break open the other products.


Inside the shower, I massaged a few drops of the heavenly Awakening Body Wash (£15) onto my skin. I instantly felt uplifted by the gorgeous scent. The smell of the moisturising wash reminded me of being inside a spa thanks to that thick aromatherapy smell that immediately relaxes you.


Additionally, a complete body scrub is always top of my treatment wish list when I’m at a spa. The Awakening Body Scrub (£38) in my opinion is just as good. I filled my hand with the scrub and spread up and down my body. I was super impressed at how great it is at removing dead skin cells. It even left my body feeling super clean. Girls, it’s great on tops of legs and the bum too!


Then, after rinsing everything off in the shower, I dried off and made my way to the bedroom. Bringing the candle with. Finally, I covered myself in the Awakening Body Cream (£38). The shea butter, coconut, organic yarrow and calendula went miles in helping me feeling completely relaxed, rested and moisturised. Furthermore, a copy of Vogue and a glass of water to finish left me feeling on cloud 9.

You can buy the full Awakening range online or do as I’m doing and make their flagship spa (Boringdon Hall) top of your to do list. I highly recommend this exciting brand! How do you bring a spa to your home? Xx

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