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How I Style Check

Obsessed with check? In all colours? Right now Topshop are championing the trend. Pants, blazers, coats, they have it all. Whilst that’s great it can be tricky to wear. What you intended to be an elegant ensemble might quickly turn into a convoluted mess but with the right style tips it can be the best look you’ve ever pulled together! When I’m asked how to style the check trend there are a few things I keep in mind.


Keep it simple…

Heritage check works great with plain, minimalist pieces. Think jeans, black tees, roll necks, white shirts and grey body’s. Remember the look doesn’t have to be super formal so a relaxed pared back look with simple mules is perfect. Forget the old fashioned check waistcoats of the country too, that’s not what this is about.


Contrast the look with colour rather than print. Block colour works well like a pop of red handbag, bright coloured pumps or a colourful tee. Other prints like floral, gingham and camo etc. should be avoided.

The silhouette…

Lots of check pieces come in loose cuts. Baggy pants, oversized coats and wide skirts… But forgetting to wear fitted pieces can make you lose your shape. Invest in some good quality bodys (ASOS are great), a crisp white fitted shirt and some cool knits that you can wear even in Spring.


Avoid big dangly earrings, large necklaces and bangles. If you do want to accessorise use delicate pieces and layer them wisely. Think about tiny gold necklaces and one or two soft bracelets. Keep the look effortless and comfortable. You want to remain interesting and captivating not overdone and fussy.


Keep them white, bright and clean. It’s a great way to pare back the look and feel more street style than Sloane style. Trainers work particularly well when wearing a two piece check trouser suit (or skirt suit) making it look less CEO and more “I came here to see what it’s about then I’m leaving”.

Cross body’s & clutches…

Leave your investment Mulberry Bayswater at home because wearing check is all about the cross body and luxe clutch bag. Think small. Surprisingly I’ve seen so many people in Soho even using a laptop case or makeup purse as their day-bag and it actually works!

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