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Wardrobe Organising Lessons From My Baby

I get emails and messages from followers of my baby blog ( asking about Mia’s clothes and come to think of it she does own better clothes than me! Now that she’s older it’s time I revisited her closet using my tried and tested ‘pile strategy’, a strategy I use for my own wardrobe when I want to de-clutter and simplify what I have. It’s the perfect recipe for a wardrobe detox.

(For those asking, this is the gorgeous space saving ‘Soho’ furniture set from Silver Cross).

Pile 1

This will be a pile of clothes that not only fit but are things you love. It’ll be your main pile of clothes you’ll keep and put away on hangers.


Pile 2

Make this things that you don’t necessarily wear all the time but you do want to keep them because the occasion will eventually come. Once you’ve made all your piles this will be one that you can go back to and go through again.


Pile 3

Everything that doesn’t fit or doesn’t look quite right, put it in pile 3. This will be things that you either pack away for friends, charity or in this case a second baby. Remember, be ruthless.


Pile 4

Stained, ripped, broken… anything that can’t be repaired needs to be in this pile. It’s everything that you will throw away.


Once you’ve decluttered you’ll be able to shop around for nifty little organisers for your accessories, underwear and anything in between. This wardrobe came with fitted square compartments and I bought the Ikea boxes to fit in neatly. Keeping everything separate ensures everything is easily accessible.

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