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How To Find Your Personal Style

People have insecurities and I see it all the time in my line of work. Which is fine. In fact many of us find it difficult to say what’s our style and what’s not. Is it because we don’t know what suits us? Because we don’t know what we ‘should’ be saying and what’s in fashion?

Forget copying others instead take inspiration. Don’t just go and buy whatever’s currently on that mannequin in the window at Zara either because most clothes don’t work for everyone.



What catches your eye when flicking through Selfridge’s online? How about in a bar, what do you see that looks cool on someone else? Individual items rather than overall look should be your first consideration. Thinking about your favourite pieces is a good way to start because from here you begin building your style.

Cuts & fabrics

Don’t wear fabrics and textures that make you feel uncomfortable. I steer clear of lamé ever since someone approached me in Shoreditch and asked why I wasn’t wearing any bottoms? I was, they were gold lamé leggings which in the dark looked like I was naked!


Boring but true, your personal style should be what you’re comfortable in. Even if that is 6 inch heels. I had a baby 4 months ago so my style right now are jeans, my Gucci belt, a plain or logo tee and a lovely warm coat (that also hides hips and a belly). This Winser London camel coat is made from a gorgeous crepe material which is surprisingly warm in the cold weather! I also love these new black patent loafers from Next. 


Dressing your age

I don’t believe in this rule. I’ve seen women in their 60’s looking better in Topshop than some twenty-somethings. If you know what looks good and what feels right, you’ll get to recognise your own style. If you are an older lady I always tell my wardrobe detox clients to get rid of things you don’t wear (you can accumulate a lot!) and start afresh.


Don’t be in the habit of buying excessively to have lots of options. This leads to hoarding, clutter and confusion over your style. Stick to basics and invest in what you know you’ll wear over and over. I’m a huge fan of these Boden skinny jeans and my new Gucci belt. They’re staples I know I’ll wear every other day and when teamed with a tshirt and coat it becomes my usual style of a few simple basics with one stand out piece.

Capsule wardrobe

Once you’ve found your style you’re ready to create your capsule wardrobe. If you’ve realised that white tshirts, pleated skirts and bags are your thing embrace it and buy some new bits. New cross body’s, new designers who have pleated skirts this season, a new way of wearing the white tee (think back ties, puffy sleeves, corsets over the top etc. It stays true to your style but gives you a twist.


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Camel Coat – Winser London

Mayfair Bi Stretch Black Jeans – Boden

40mm Brown Belt – Gucci

Black Loafers – Next

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