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I Tried Two new Launches From Estée Lauder To See If I Could Defying Age & Get More Hydrated & Brighter Skin

Unlocking Skin’s Youthful Potential

I’m always on a quest to find those skincare products that will ultimately delay any need for botox. Given my age, I’m beginning to notice the affects of a night out that little bit more. I’m noticing how dehydration makes my skin look grey and dry. I’m exploring new products that can help with those fine lines. Ultimately, I’m now at that prime age where prevention has never been more important for my skin and its appearance.


Regular readers will know that I’m such a fan of innovation and am always waving the flag as a supporter of Estée Lauder. So you can imagine my delight when I learned about their new products that can ‘unlock skin’s natural youth potential’. Able to revitalise the look of skin, the new ‘Global Anti-Aging Creme’ and ‘Global Anti-Aging Wake Up Balm’ from the Revitalizing Supreme range are products you need to know about.

So why are they different? Aside from the beautiful packaging and scent that we normally expect from Estée Lauder, they’ve analysed their cutting edge research to discover Nrf2. It’s a protein that we possess that helps towards anti-aging. They’ve also discovered that ‘Moringa’ extracts can react with the protein to amplify the anti-aging processes. Most importantly, it works to improve anti-irritation and anti-oxidant developments in the skin’s natural way so they’ve included it in the new products.


Works at instantly giving a ‘wake up’ glow with brighter, more radiant skin. Upon application, skin appears to look and feel more taught. It feels hydrated and nourished with any redness or blotchy patches vanished. I love a product that has science behind it and ingredients that work. This does not disappoint. My skin felt firmer, energised and fuelled with energy. Those looking for extra firming or nourishing products to add into their routine should try this.


Used after serum or before the balm, this is a seriously luxurious anti-ageing cream. As a young twenty something, I’ll never forget the first time I tried an Estée Lauder cream; that feeling of ‘must only use a tiny bit incase it runs out’. That feeling of saving up my part time job salary to pay for it. All of those emotions were familiar again when I tried this cream. With IntuiGen Technology™, skin is nourished – but not on an average ‘daily face cream’ scale. It’s my new super cream that smooths my skin. It’s kind of like giving a tired person an espresso shot, my skin feels revitalised and moisturised, less dull and dehydrated. At my age it’s crucial to give my skin the best to prevent the early signs of ageing and this ticks every box.

The new Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti-Aging is available from Estée Lauder counters and online from Septemer 2016.

Have you tried any? What are your ways of preventing the early signs of aging?Xx

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