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AD | Colour Explosions the Natural Way With Burts Bees

It’s striking, it’s sexy, it’s a statement. It can take you from shy to power woman and from hi to HI THERE! Yep, the powers of a good lippy are universally known and they’re adored by legions all around the world. I wear a lipstick or balm everyday – I just don’t feel complete without it. Sans lippy, I’ve an odd purply shade of lip colour that makes me look like I’m freezing cold so you’ll normally always find a cool colour in my makeup bag.

Regular readers will know that I’m a bit OCD with cosmetic ingredients and wherever possible always try to pick gentle, natural and organic. You’ll have read about my love for natural skincare, the need for mineral makeup and now that we’re coming to the end of my #SITCSpringBTY project and with all this lippy-love going on, I wanted to look a bit deeper into what we’re tasting every day. Come on, we all know we’re licking our lips, eating and essentially consuming our lipsticks gradually bit by bit. It’s actually when I came across Burt’s Bees that I first started to think about what’s really in cosmetics. With these new Burt’s Bees lip goodies there’s nothing harmful or toxic in them and best of all, they don’t compromise on colour.

Did you know that in many lipsticks, you’ll find small amounts of ingredients like cadmium, aluminium and even lead. As the portion is teeny tiny, it doesn’t necessarily make it poisonous but the thought can make people a bit uncomfortable. With normal everyday lippies that aren’t made from natural ingredients, there are ways to reduce the intake, (for instance apply less throughout the day) or you can choose something natural. It’s usually the pigmentation of the product where the unnatural ingredients come into play so you could also compromise on this. But who wants to do that? The best thing about a lipstick is the colour, no?

When I first tried the Burt’s Bees lip crayons (price £8.99) I couldn’t believe that level of colour intensity could come from something that uses entirely natural ingredients only. You’ll find no synthetic ingredients inside the product – so no colourants, no artificial versions of vitamins or neurotoxins.

The crayons come in six beautiful colours including a summary light pink and a deep wine red (I’ll be enjoying a glass of Primitivo whilst wearing that one). There’s nothing to disrupt the bodies natural system and in true Burt’s Bees style, they’re super creamy and nourishing. With a matte finish, they’re lightweight so super comfortable and actually stay in place so no need to keep checking you don’t have it all over your pearly whites. The formula is infused with Shea Butter, Kendi Oil, and Jojoba Oil so it’s treating them while showing off the colour. Shea Butter is a natural fat which comes from the fruit of the Karite tree. It leaves skin (and lips in this case) feeling soft and supple. Oh and by the way, Shea Butter also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines making a great anti-aging treatment too – bonus!

But that’s not all. Burt’s Bees are also doing some superb shimmers and balms (both £5.99) that are worth a look. The glosses (£8.99)  also deserve a mention. Again with no added flavours or fragrances (yet they still smell incredible), they leave lips soft and smooth and smothered in colour. Unlike most lipsticks that are chunky in size, the shimmers are a handy size that are good for a quick swipe when out and about.

You could say that nature has reinvented the crayon


Have you tried anything from Burt’s Bees? Comment below Xx

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  1. Hi Lauren, I’ll be taking your advice and will buy one of these crayons. I love the brand and my favourite at the moment is Burts’s Bees Lip Shine in Blush (020). Plus, it’s 100% natural!

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