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Special Clinic For Dying Nails

It’s no secret that over the years, I have had very poor taste in nail fashion (although never really a huge fan of nail art I hasten to add). Whether I’ve been suffering with a head ache and breathing in chemicals (!) or having an electronic file destroy 70% of nail, there’s no denying that they’ve been through a lot. Today I’m different, today I take care of them. One brand I’ve always relied on is Leighton Denny. Why? Because he’s an award winning nail technician with a host of celebrity clients, including the city’s one and only, Kate Moss. He was even on the famous Spice Tour back in the day the Spice Girls were HUGE! 

What’s your nail type?


Aside from his wonderful personality, it’s all about the performance of the products. The colours are beautiful (especially the mushroom and earthy shades) but it’s the power of the products that really take the spotlight.

If like me you pick your cuticles to death,  then begin an at-home mani using the hydrating ‘Marvel Balm‘ (hint, use on your lips too). The special formula  is gentle and nourishing, moisturising. It’s packed full of vitamins top which promotes elasticity. Formulated with hydrating Grapeseed Oil, it helps stimulates skin cell circulation and mineral supply (also helping nails grow). Oh, and use it on elbows too! A worder balm you could say. Next, for fuss free filling of ridges and giving nails an all in one base coat, top coat and clear gloss finish (great for lazy sloths like me), this ‘One For All‘ nail varnish is the perfect go to. This is great for smoothing the base of nails. 

If that’s not really up your street then do give the Hydra-Flex Treatment Shield a go (it’s the green one below). It’s a low gloss, clear nail coat with the cool ‘Hydra-Flex’ compound which helps the nail become tougher, stronger and more resilient. *TIP – As a base coat it also helps protect against staining. Finally there is also the ‘Slick Tips‘ to try. Now this is perfect for a reviver and when your nails are in need of a good boost of goodness. You can massage over and around nails and cuticles too as well as up your arms, shoulders, face and… ok I am kidding! Nails and cuticles only people. What’s good is that this is perfect for not just natural but also artificial nails. I know I used to struggle to find good products that worked with nail extensions.

Want to win a Leighton Denny treat? Email with subject heading ‘PRIZE’. Winner will then be picked at random. It’s that simple!

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