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Spa, Relaxation & Romance At Bank House

So the time had finally come for us to head to the luxurious Bank House Spa in Worcester for a much needed – and dare I say, romantic – weekend break. This was set to be our celebratory, happy three year anniversary slash Valentines Day treat and I couldn’t wait to down phones and dip my toe in the jacuzzi together. Well, I did check that they had WIFI before hand, you know, ‘just incase’. Oh and I also spent a good five minutes drooling over how awesome the Penthouse suite looked. About two and a bit hours away from London (traffic depending), I was so looking forward to a bit of rest and recovery outside of the city. I’d read up on the Malvern View Spa and it looked fantastic. 

After a quick check of the spa brochure of treatments, (yay! they use the incredible ‘Temple Spa’ products) I booked our facials in for midday on the Saturday giving us time to sleep in until 9am and have a late breakfast. It was the Mediterranean Marinade for me (60 mins, £68) and the Go Guy Executive Facial for Dan (60 mins, £68). Mine was great for packing as many vitamins as possible onto my skin which is apparently perfect for sun, stressed and fatigue. Well, sun I do not have but definitely stress. Daniel’s macho facial helped him relax with a slow neck massage, an exfoliation treatment and something to soothe those fine lines. ‘You’re going to look about 12’ I promised him. In my mind he believes me. So after a quick wander around the hotel and its grounds, we headed for a tour of the divine spa. There’s everything you’d expect and more. It’s clean, warm and from the hand-wash through to the shelves of samples, the spa is stocked full of ‘Temple Spa’ goodies. The pool is quiet, jacuzzi is cooly lit, there’s a steam room and sauna and the most amazing jet shower. Note to self, leaving a steam room for an ice cold shower to ‘cool the body’ is still as killing as it was when we last dipped into an ice bath in Budapest.

Before our treatments, the kitchen prepared a deliciously healthy ‘shot’ of berries and apple juice for us to drink. Then in the treatment room, we were given a foot treatment to begin and asked to ‘take three deep breaths’, while breathing in essential oil. I could actually feel myself starting to wind down, something I usually struggle to do (I’m one of those people who panics and feels guilty if I am not worrying over something). As I lay letting go one by one of my worries (was Dan ok in the other room, has our rabbit had been fed at home and oh no, did I send that email on Friday to the client) I had a thought. My stress levels are like a jar full of skittles: you can eat a few now and then and they will gradually empty but you never actually reach the end or find a way to devour them all in one go. As my therapist reached the biggest knot in my neck, I enjoyed every second she put into working it.

After our treatments we were given a run down of the products that were used and given a prescription of what our skin would benefit from. After a shot of sorbet (so good) I spent a few minutes in the quiet, relaxation room (translation, I checked Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and all of my favourite blogs for LFW updates). When Dan had finished, we headed back to the spa before realising we were in fact mega mega hungry now. We spent some time back at our room before heading for a yummy dinner (steak, veg, mash).

Bank House Spa is a family owned hotel and it shows. The friendliness and want to do attitude of the staff is on point and nothing is too much. The hotel boasts an impressive golf course too and cater for weddings. A few things to bear in mind with the spa though, do book in advance as it can get quite busy (testament to the treatments obviously) and try not to be too tempted at the bar (hehe). The good news is that they provide the bath robes, flip flops and towels (godsend). 

Prices vary so do check out the rooms available. You can check out the full list of spa treatments here and prices here.  I would so loved to have booked multiple treatments including a massage and pedicure. Check them out on Instagram too. 

Bank House Hotel, Bransford, Worcester, WR6 5JD 

T: 01886 833 551 E:



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