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Why I’m Taking Goal Setting Seriously

Hands up if you’ve such great intentions but never seem to follow through? That used to be me. But in 2017 I had the intentions and had no choice BUT to follow through (a pregnancy, wedding and a baby in one year does that to you). Last year I really grew, got my stuff together and when I did get a moment to think, I invested it in my blog. But thinking is one thing, actually doing is another.


Long term vision for short term motivation…

Everyone from CEO’s to athletes set goals. It’s a way of seeing what you WILL achieve by focusing, thinking and doing. It’s the best way to organise your year (or even your month) and see, at a glance, what your path will look like.

Now that I have a bit more time I’m penning my goals for 2018. I’m embracing my new life, the new me and entering 2018 furnished with a new mindset and a little more thought to my decisions and options. I’m a sucker for the new year and ever the optimist, I’m looking forward to having a productive, successful one. Rather than sticking to these goals though I’ll be using the list as a guideline; a wish list if you will.


I seem to have a bizarre obsession with notebooks. Open any cupboard in my home and one will fall out. I’ve notebooks for shopping lists, notebooks for blog ideas – including I’ve a notebook for social media and a book for my appointments (gosh I’m boring myself now). This is an indication of how unorganised and scattered my thoughts are. I’m not going to let this behaviour dominate the year ahead so instead I’m throwing them all away and keeping things concise with one notebook.


I used to think that talking about my goals gave away my secrets, like I was setting myself up for disappointment and embarrassment if I confessed a goal and didn’t achieve it. It’s one of the reasons I never really talked about my blog to people before it became my job.
This year however, I’m turning it on it’s head and sharing more. One thing that’s really exciting for me – I’ll be revisiting my YouTube channel and starting to upload more videos. For this goal I’ll definitely be talking more about how I’ll design the videos, what I’ll discuss and what I’ll show. Fashion videos and style talks have always been a passion of mine so why not share?


I once had Pinterest but in 2015 when my identity was stolen (bank card, email hacked, the works) my Pinterest account went. I opened a new account but it never had the same attention, never had the same passion as before. These days I like to create my own mood boards on Powerpoint which in turn inspires me to travel to certain places or dress a certain way. It’s also a great visual tool to give my clients when styling.

Trial and Error

There’s no rule to goal setting, in fact its success hinges on personalisation tailoring best to how your mind excels. If something isn’t working this year I’ll be stopping it or changing it. I won’t continue and persevere. Often the disappointment is too difficult to bear.


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  1. I love that you use inspiration boards too I do this all of the time and it is so much fun! xxxx
    Katy, blog coming soon

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