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9 Style Predictions For The Year Ahead

With the rise of the Insta famous an outfit can go viral literally within seconds. More and more bloggers continue to challenge what’s hot and what’s not, creating their own style and now retailers are paying attention.

Whether you’re a sucker for clothes or just buy whatever’s on offer chances are even without realising (in my best Miranda Priestly “Devil Wears Prada’ voice) you’re buying in to some form of a new trend. Whether those pieces have been quickly ordered online or lusted over for hours in store, what you buy in 2018 may not be what you might have considered last year. It’s because brands are having to outdo themselves more frequently and deliver new pieces regularly. They want to create that ‘wow’ Instagram worthy outfit and they want you to agree, share and comment.



2016 & 17 taught us that there are no longer four seasons. Fashion Weeks all around the world aren’t the same concept as they were five years ago. The only thing that’s “fashionable” now is, well, newness. Take Gucci. The GG belts sold like hot cakes in the back end of 2016 and while I stood in line and paid for my canvas stripe I never thought I’d be returning one year later to buy the exact same belt but the 4cm brown leather version (hey, it’s got a new rugged edge and is a gorgeous brown colour). The only difference is that it looks slightly more vintage but it’s just been released! Could 2018 hone in further? Keep the same basics but just stagger the launches of colours and cuts throughout the year?

80s Jackets

Every A/W it’s all about the statement coat but 2017 took it a step further. Check coats, block colours, trenches and macs, even teddy coats came back in style this year! Next year I expect it to be even more intense, more dramatic. Right now Chanel are setting the tone with their oversized collars, gathered puffy sleeves and wide shoulders. Even their denim is very Madonna circa Immaculate Collection album. And we all know that when a designer brand brings this to market it’s only a matter of time before the high street are giving us their purse friendly dupes.



Harper and Harley’s Sara Crampton became one of my favourite style bloggers again in 2017 with her white, grey and black aesthetic. In her crisp white shirts and black tailored pieces she’s never looked more chic. I for one have started buying more sophisticated black blazers, trousers and dresses and I’ll continue into 2018.

The Beret

I bet you’ve spotted lots of your favourite bloggers flirting with a beret? Well I predict they’re going to be huge in 2018! I’ve never quite been able to shake the stereotypical “Parisian” feel when wearing one (though the only thing Parisian about me is my thirst for French fries). I’ve seen the most gorgeous leather beret from Eugenia Kim and even ASOS are doing budget friendly ones.

Wide leg pants

I started the year with a flared ankle and ended it on full throttle high waisted wide leg culottes. Wide leg pants like these Staud ones are so flattering, elongating even the shortest of legs or for more budget friendly versions, River Island and New Look are really championing the styles right now.



Romeo & Juliet

Whilst Alessandro Michele gave us luxury vintage inspired colour in 2017 for Gucci, next year I predict brands to enhance their theatrical style offering. Right now Louis Vuitton are turning very Elizabethan with their balloon sleeves, Parlets and detailed embroidery on shimmering fabrics but just remember to pare the look back with some classic shoes and accessories. You’re not on stage.

The Silhouette

Reminiscent of Alexander McQueen’s final year (2010) I predict 2018 will bring us dressing to enhance our shape. From high waisted skirts nipped in at the waist and fully hooped on the bottom, to cropped tops that are more structured to enhance our natural assets, it’s all going to be about the shape of the outfit.

The PJ

They had a soft launch in 2015, 2016 they were the reserve of the fashion elite, 2017 saw the high street playing with a few designs but I predict 2018 to be all about the PJs. If you haven’t quite found your style with it yet (like me) don’t worry. There are going to be so many different fabrics and textures to try but the cut will remain the same. Rectangle and for some (like me) it might be worth going up a size.


Everyone wants to make their clothing unique. From phone cases to t-shirts everything has our name on. In a world where even our Spotify subscription is tailor made to us, we’ve become a generation obsessed with ‘MINE’. Smythson have been doing it for years and even Louis Vuitton had a brief flutter with it in 2012. Yes, personalising things was big in 2017 but if we thought that was it – well you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! In 2017 it helped the likes of My First Years and many more grow in success. H&M were selling out of their stick-on letters for phone cases, initial embroidery on our denim jackets became a ‘thing’ and even good ol’ Louis V began pushing their monogram service once again.

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  1. YES to all of these, especially the wide leg pants, as a short person I never thought I could pull these off now i live in them! Easy to glam up and dress down xx

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