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What Instagram Taught Me About Dressing


On Instagram we can pick and choose who we follow. I love inspirational bloggers (not often realistic), comedy and I follow some fashion. The beauty of this is that it allows me to filter out all the stuff I don’t want to consume. I’m not a fan of gym updates, I don’t really care for interiors and all in all I love an honest truth. Unlike TV ads or some media (oh and Kim Kardashian aside), I’m not always subjected to stick thin women with more airbrushing than an ELLE front cover.

But what does this mean for my own account, my own mind and consequently my own style?




I love to take inspiration from some accounts. Like millions of people I’ll often see my favourite blogger in a new pair of jeans that I haven’t seen before and will click to find out where it’s from. More often than not it’ll end up in my wardrobe. I love it! Seeing someone wear it in a real life situation makes it easier for me to imagine what I’d look like in it or where I’d wear it to. Sometimes this is tricky when you’re shopping on ASOS for instance and see a model with a white background.


My Account

When I look back over old pictures, I sometimes squirm. What was I thinking? But overall I love just looking through my timeline and seeing how my style has evolved. These days I’m definitely more grown up in my approach to what I buy and I’m more confident in my body. Mostly though, in just a few quick scrolls, I can see what works for my shape and what doesn’t.



When I put together the outfit for this blog, I would never have initially gone for a triangle top, wide leg culottes and kitten heeled mules if it was all just seen on the shop rack. But I know from my past pictures that a cinched in waist with a one shoulder top is flattering on a bigger bust and when paired with a cropped leg that’s wide at the bottom, can enhance an hour glass figure. Instagram has taught me how to dress angles.




There are so many outfits and images that don’t make it to the blog or Instagram. Just like in the magazine world, sometimes the smallest of bug bears can mean that a whole story gets pulled because the photographs aren’t up to scratch for the editor. A waste of time, money and effort sure. But when you’re creating your own content you want it to be perfect. Instagram reaffirms the fact that if I think something looks cheap, see through or too creased, it definitely is. When your gut says one thing, Instagram will confirm it.



For the past couple of years I’ve had the same hairstyle – a centre parting with medium length waves. Head to Oxford St and you’ll see so many people coming out of Dry By with the same look. So having seen so many IG accounts with the same style I decided to go for a change. Nothing drastic just a side parting with waves haha. But to me I can see it suits my face shape better and it makes me look a little bit different. Sometimes a quick scroll on IG is all you need for a beauty refresh.


Shop the post

Bandana Top – Oasis

White Culottes – Oasis

Tyra Kitten Heel Mules – Boden

Salmon Skin Bag – Strathberry

What has IG done for your style?

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