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What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear


Most women own a good pair of jeans and because the high street has really stepped it’s game up, offering more affordable ones more frequently, it means that it’s never been easier to get a new look. For me it’s all about a modern shape, just update your jeans and you’ve instantly given a nod to the latest trend. Right now I’m loving a loose cropped ankle and a high waist.

So given that most of us own jeans, it’s normally the first thing we reach for when we’ve ‘got nothing to wear’.

The other day I was rushing to get to an appointment and after 20 mins looking at my wardrobe in jeans and a bra, I decided to look at my ‘going out out’ tops. Who cares if it’s only midweek? Fashion now is all about individuality so if you want to wear a sequin top and jeans on a Thursday to work, then you do you girl.



So obviously it’s great time to be stocking up on those versatile extra going out tops! Here are a few of my favourite, worn day or night:



What do you wear when you’ve nothing to wear?

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