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Where To Go For A Truly British Feast: Review Of Percy & Founders

As In Burger & Chips

Did you know that in the city of London there are around 19,000 restaurants? Different types of cuisine and themes and a variety of entertainment on offer. Additionally, the deal breaker for me – different types of beers, wines and cocktails. If you’re in the mood for a Turkish feast with belly dancers and fantastically presented food, try Levant. If you want to relax with beers and predictable food  try Belgo. There’s always somewhere open to have a good time. Restaurants with cool concepts like Flesh and Buns where they serve the most delicious smores are a a favourite of mine too. Pluck a food type from the air and there will be hundreds of places serving it different ways. For luxurious sit down meals to pop-up stands on the street.

London’s the most amazing place to eat, date, party and play. When I got told about a new British themed restaurant situated in a relatively quiet side of Fitzrovia though, I wasn’t sure whether it could live up to expectations. Luckily, Percy and Founders lived up to its reputation and didn’t disappoint.

Last week…

I visited Percy and Founders for lunch. Being quite new, it’s not super busy so there’s a chilled out atmosphere with pockets of business men, families and couples dotted around the place. The building is composed of a dining room, cocktail bar and lovely terrace perfect for Summer late afternoon drinks. The talented Executive Chef Diego Cardoso impressively delivers a seasonal all-day menu which even includes a sumptuous Sunday roast and brunches on the weekend.

What’s great about Percy and Founders is that they’ve also created a wonderful wine list which includes all of your typical white, red and rosés, as well as Champagne and even Orange wine. Buy by the glass or by a carafe (Prosecco £7.50 125ml and Champagne from £11.50) and for the designated drivers choose from an extensive soft drink menu. If you’re feeling splashy, Bollinger is £85 a bottle but a bottle of wine starts from just £22. Don’t think looking at these prices means that the venue is going to feel cheap or economical though, Percy and Founders oozes sophistication and luxury right down to the last detail.


Rabbit to start…

Having just bought a baby bunny I could have cried seeing rabbit on the menu. I quickly narrowed my choice down to six potentials. The smoked mackerel pâté my number one choice. However, when I saw what was on the next course I had to cancel everything and go for the burger. I took one bite and instantly sensed the quality of the beef and the patty’s excellent medium cooked texture. The deliciously juicy tender meat was perfectly seasoned and served at just the right temperature. The burgers are huge so I couldn’t finish the bread but did manage to devour the chunky chips. Bride to be diet going well as you can see. Not.


For dessert, I copied my guest and ordered the mouth watering key lime pie. I definitely couldn’t finish all of this –  it’s worth sharing. Break past the soft shell of the meringue and it’ll expertly break open to show off it’s soft, gooey inside. Get some of the lime flavouring on the spoon too and you’ll seriously wish you had all afternoon to sit and taste it. Additionally, don’t forget to top it off with a lovely cup of hot mint tea.


If you’re in the area, do give Percy and Founders a try. What’s great is that they’re right next to Esteé Lauder’s new head office so expect to see lots of glamorous people around soon. To make a reservation, email or call 020 3761 0200.


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