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Why You Should Pay A Visit To The London Cabaret Club

Hands up if you’ve ever had that awkward feeling when walking in to a room in a floor length red dress with a huge side split and spaghetti straps, thinking Oh. My. God. I’m totally overdressed. Yes? Well forget any feelings of that kind when you’re inside the Bloomsbury Ballroom for The London Cabaret Club because actually, you’re going to be totally out done by the guests in their black tie evening attire and most importantly, the cabaret stars themselves. Now trust me, I’m talking micro mini sequin belts as skirts, triangle bikini tops encrusted with crystals and the tightest lycra mini dresses you have ever seen in your life. Friday night, The London Cabaret Club did not disappoint.

Now firstly, ladies if you’re of the insecure, jealous type (ugh, so passé) then The London Cabaret Club is not a place to take your man. These girls are insanely talented, in the best shape (in a sexy, subtle strength way) and are most definitely creatures from another planet. The direction of the night was James Bond (homage to the new film, Spectre coming soon) so each act was carefully integrated into the night to give a nod to each different bond related theme. When the men came out, you couldn’t help but wonder how on earth they manage the jumps, the routines and to keep such great tone. Whenever there was a song to be sang, they did it with note perfect and impressed the entire audience, finishing to raucous applause.
Upon arrival, we chatted with a couple from our party who were already sat drinking cocktails. I ordered Daniel a delicious ‘Reverse Vespa Martini’ and myself an ‘Espresso Martini’ (price, £24). When all of our group arrived (five tables worth of close girlfriends and their partners), we sat down to some mouth watering Moet & Chandon Champagne and followed it up with a bottle of Bollinger for Daniel and I (price, £75). We then ordered a bottle of white (hey, this was a long night!) and followed up with another two glasses of the very palatable wine. For us this was a special occasion (well, it was Friday and we were with my favourite people) so we didn’t mind pushing the boat out a little on the drinks. One thing to note is that this really is the perfect place for date night with a boyfriend/husband, a third date, a birthday celebration or even just to catch up with friends. It also makes a great gift and is an absolute must for any foodie. We were brought numerous courses of the most amazing fish, lamb, chicken pie, beef… you name it!
For me, not only catching up with friends, but experiencing something new with Daniel was so much fun. Dancing the night away after the show with all my girlfriends also made it a brilliant night to remember. We all thought we were the best dancers there (naturally) until the cabaret dancers came onto the floor in their ‘after work, casual clothes’ – which by the way were still insane. What’s so refreshing though is that these people are the most friendliest, selfless people who genuinely wanted you to have a good time.
Warning, do not try this at home. I tried. And failed. Numerous times.
London Never Dies is available in three packages – Sapphire, Gold and Diamond. Prices start at £40 but we thoroughly recommend the Gold or Diamond package so you can experience the amazing food. The Diamond package is £105 and includes the show, four course dinner, theatrical cocktail and access to Rose Room Lounge.

Are you part of The London Cabaret Club? Have you seen a show recently? Comment below x

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