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What I Wear From My Husband’s Wardrobe


My interest in men’s wardrobes began young. Well, in my early twenties anyway. Fresh out of a Welsh village I was a student in my first year. I was living in Bristol befriending DnB DJ’s, Indie boys from ‘up North’ and Londoner’s with nice accents. I remember visiting my best friend in Exeter Uni and being introduced to someone who’s first sentence was “hi, what does your Dad do?”. He was a total berk but this middle class lad sure had a nice oversized cardi that’d look nice with my new blue skinnies and gold glitter boots. The people I’d date always had a nice oversized Parker coat, a cool pair of joggers or an NY cap for me to hang out in.

The boys I dated always had a nice wooly jumper I could pinch or a logo tee I could tuck in to a pair of shorts for a night out to the underground Garage clubs. I even remember having peroxide blonde hair, watching a rap battle and a beatboxing championship (well, probably amateur) wearing someone else’s hoodie and watch… Bristol was definitely an influence.



For me & you…

Today gender neutral clothing’s hot and men’s style has never looked better. Sure there may not be any sparkly and glittery party pieces to pinch in his closet (well, depending who’s wardrobe you’re looking through). But when you see the insane belts, crew neck knits and jackets that are in the shops today? Rest assured you’ll want it all.

“Wanna pop into Matches?” my husband asks when we’re in Marylebone. For those who don’t know Matches is – the store. It’s a real Aladdin’s Cave of treats; women’s on top, men’s on bottom. It’s a place I edge Mia’s pram around slowly, an inch at a time while I pick up that new lamé Saint Laurent gown, admire the stunning new season Marni bag and get upset that my feet are too wide for the Aquazzura sling backs. Then there’s the men’s floor to explore. A well-styled mix of perfectly plain Common Project sneakers, Bottega Veneta bags and Gucci polo shirts. “I think you need it” I’ll bellow out to Dan as he picks up a belt, considering what I could pair it with from my own wardrobe.


My style…

Take this CK top for instance. I borrow it without him even knowing. And that’s not all, left to my own devices I’m pretty sure I could wear things from my brother’s wardrobe too. Hats, tops, shirts, jackets, even his Gucci belt. Indeed, almost anything of their’s we can wear and more than likely feel a little more dainty, a little more cute but best of all, super stylish. As I write this I’m sending my husband a link to a men’s watch – he’ll say ‘not my style’, I’ll reply ‘no it’s mine’.
There’s one exception of course. Being Welsh I haven’t quite managed to wear my hubby’s England rugby top yet. Ok maybe just that once when my PJ’s we all in the wash but we don’t speak of that. I look forward to seeing his S/S 18 wardrobe anyway!



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