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AD | Monochrome London Street Style With Nicce




Urban street style. No longer the reserve of teens or a representation of youth culture, these days it’s everywhere we look. Sported by women of all ages and frequently luxed-up with some high end pieces, it’s no wonder the likes of Gucci, Givenchy and Saint Laurent are selling out of their sneakers! Demand for clean and contemporary style is huge right now.




Style Challenge

When Nicce challenged me to style their birch unisex hoodie from their grey women’s sweatshirt collection I knew right away what to wear it with. Whilst a simple ripped jean and trainer combo would have worked, today I wanted to smarten it up a bit instead. So for running around this busy city I chose a black crepe jumpsuit from Winser London (great for layering) and my favourite Gucci sneakers.
Given the Arctic temperatures, a hoodie and long coat combo has quickly become my favourite way of keeping warm (and stylish) this season. Remember, a layered outfit not only looks cool but is super practical whether you’re out shopping or eating, working or socialising. So I grabbed my new check coat et voila, an easy London weekend outfit.

Styling a hoodie…

Contrasting colours: Try a hoodie that’s a different colour to your bottoms, (the grey women’s sweatshirts are really easy neutral bases to work with).
Versatility: These days a hoodie isn’t just for matching with joggers. They aren’t just for training in or slobbing out in. They’re having a big fashion moment right now. So don’t be afraid to try pairing it with something you wouldn’t normally – like a skirt, a jumpsuit etc.
Fit: You’ve probably seem them teamed with blazers, parkers and more formal coat styles like this check one. But remember you’ll need a different fit depending on what you’re layering with. Go down a dress size if it’s a blazer, keep it baggy with a parker (a great look paired with skinny jeans) and true to size if wearing with a tailored coat.
Prints: Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints. Whether it’s a leopard print coat, jazzy trousers or a check blazer the beauty of a hoodie is that they’re usually plain providing you with that all important blank canvas.

This Nicce hoodie and plenty of other grey women’s sweatshirts are available on the Nicce website right now. I’ll definitely be stocking up on the black and pink too!

How do you style yours?


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