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The Busy Girls’ Guide To Having A Productive Day Starting Today

As we approach the last week of January, I’m imagining that many of us would have by now packed in the diet, (I have) started drinking (I have) and generally made around 99% of their new years resolutions redundant (I kind of almost have). My start to 2016 has been full of good intentions; health goals, new life objectives and a new found determination to hunt down that spectacular new eyebrow thing that uses extra fibres to give the illusion of extra hairs. 

I’m unsure if it’s the weather or the lack of impending holidays but this year I’m finding it tricky sticking to my resolutions. Carbs and jazz in Soho last week meant cracking open two bottles of fizz. A night alone equalled hello Domino’s. Payday meant a bowl of noodles and a glass of red at lunch. Argh! I lost 7lb in the first two weeks of January (healthily, I swear, I put on a lot of the holidays) but now I’ve lost all momentum and just want to sit curled up with a family sized bar of galaxy and Netflix’s ‘Making A Murderer” episodes playing in succession. But forget that. I’m not prepared to put on weight in the run up to my thirtieth birthday, neither shall I try on wedding dresses with caramel dripping from my lips and Fox’s Classics falling out of my bag. It’s time to sort myself out and align to a better way of living, starting right now. 

Here’s how I’ll be making this week the most productive yet…

Ignore Idle Gossip

It’s one of life’s biggest distractions that does consumes lives; whether you’re at the till in Superdrug, waiting to pick up a prescription in the chemist, in a meeting or even with friends, it can run rife but serves no good results only selfishly. As the saying goes, ‘What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie that of Sally’. 


There’s no better feeling than realising on a Friday that you’ve finished  your ‘to-do’ list and that on Monday morning you’re already prepared. My reward? A lovely sweatshirt. Knowing there’s a reward at the end of a productive week is enough motivation to help me get everything in my work and personal life complete.

Delivering Only the Best 

I used to look through old blog posts that were clearly rushed with zero time spent subediting. In hindsight, posting nothing would have been better. Going the extra mile and making sure I’m going above and beyond is so pleasing and fulfilling. When delivering work, be it in my day job or in my personal life, it’s important to remember that the fruits of my labour will be around for a long time be it online or in print.

Talk More

It was once suggested that I meet with a therapist to talk about ways of dealing with stress. I can cope, it’s just I sometimes let things consume me. We’ve all been there; dreaming of projects, not communicating with friends when you might have to rearrange a plan etc. I know that when I talk to my family, Daniel or friends it helps me be more productive and boosts my confidence, reminding me that I can do this! We take for granted the people closest to us and remember, you exercise your body at the gym for physical fitness so why aren’t you exercising your mind for mental fitness? 

Room For Everyone 

A while ago I attended a ‘Hearst Empowering Women’ event with a panel that included Lorraine Candy (Editor, ELLE) and Louise Court (then Editor, Cosmopolitan, now Director of Editorial Strategy and Content across Hearst Magazines UK). What I took away from this was that there is plenty of room for women at the top of various industries and it’s essential to not ‘hit the glass ceiling and pull the ladder up from underneath you’. As a woman, supporting other women both at work and in my personal life is important to me. Meeting that girl who is setting up a new website, helping that lady who needs a hand thinking of ways to promote her new shop, even supporting successful bloggers. It’s enjoyable helping someone reinforce their dream.


Meeting people, learning new things, conversing, aligning diaries, coffees, I absolutely love being with other human beings. Their stories, their experiences, their contacts, their likes and dislikes, it’s a no brainer – networking is essential for expanding all aspects of life.


Since Daniel bought me a lovely Kate Spade 2016 planner, this week in January will be the most efficient week of 2016 yet. With my Hebrew lessons set, night school in place, work meetings, workouts and blog posts scheduled, it’s left me with time to meet some lovely bloggers in the evenings and a date night with my love. 

Take Time Out

You cannot work and study non stop until you completely burn out. Ultimately everything would be communicated in an irritated, stressful way. This type of behaviour is neither conducive to a healthy work/life balance and virtually no plans will come into fruition. It’s essential to take time out and relax so that when you return to your work or project, you have complete clarity.

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