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Choosing A Wedding Fragrance

Over the years I’ve met with so many fragrance clients, chatted to so many representatives in beauty halls and even tried my hand at creating my own personalised scent. I own a shocking (!) amount of fragrance and I’ve no problem choosing my favourite summer scent. Not to mention a treasured day scent or even a go-to evening fragrance.

When it comes to wedding fragrance, it’s a bit more serious. At my good friend Nicole’s wedding a few years ago, I still remember her coming up to me after the ceremony, wishing her mazel tov and asking her what that amazing perfume was that she was wearing. Hermès, if I remember correctly.


A wedding fragrance needs to do a few things. It should capture the mood of the day whilst making you feel confident and fresh. But most of all, it should help towards creating a memory. You know that amazing feeling you get when you smell a fragrance from your past? Imagine that but you’re remembering your wedding. 

where to start?

 Collect some samples from department stores. Spray some onto sample cards and keep them until later on.  It’s also worth considering your colour palette on the big day. Right now I’m choosing between dark and mysterious – an Elie Saab gown with piles and piles of pearls around my neck, a black head band, deep red lips with Bambi lashes and dramatic eyeliner. Or on the other hand, I might channel my girly side with blush pinks, nude lips and a lace gown with plenty of peonies bundled together. Either look and feel would probably work better with one of two fragrances.


It’s been said that you should try to match your fragrance ‘personality’. Are you flirty? Spicy? Rebel? Romantic? Sporty? Fresh? Are you floral? Party? Boho? To help me work it out I’m starting with what I already have at home. Just the favourites. I’ve been advised to try one at a time on the tops of my wrists and to keep a count on how many times I respray throughout the day. 


It’s designed to capture a frame of mind – a bold and vibrant personality. There are a host of ingredients including fruity bourgeon de cassis and raspberries, as well as a blend of pepper and saffron. Smell carefully and you’ll get the blend of Madagascar vanilla and the muskiness of ambrette. Sophistication is key to this fragrance which is centred around the captivating woman who wears it.  Price £45 for 30ml, £90 for 100ml.


People always comment if I wear this. It’s one of those fragrances that if the person was stood behind you, you’d smell them before you hear them. It’s memorable and rather strong. With a combination of orange flower, cedar wood and ylang-ylang flower, it makes me want to throw on a floral head band and a whimsical dress. There’s even the option to personalise the fragrance bottle with hand engraving, (available online or at the Paris boutiques). Price, £99 for 70ml.


For true Maison Francis Kurkdjian fans, there’s the ‘Fragrance Wardrobe’, eight fragrances that are perfect for a clutch bag. Deemed the ‘discovery collection’, it takes you through the expressive world of Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Each fragrance is typical of the brand’s exquisite scent, perfect for a quaint, fanciful chateau wedding. Price £99, eight bottles.


This fragrance is elegant yet floral, built around the Gardenia flower. With floral notes from Italian Bergamot, Moroccan Rose, White Jasmine and scents of Sandalwood, Vetiver and White Amber, should you be thinking of a relaxed, boho, perhaps even beach themed wedding, this delicate fragrance is perfect. Price, £75 for 70 ml.


Whoever says that fragrance sampling in magazines doesn’t work are mad! I bought this after smelling it on one of those cool little scent seals in a magazine. Bottega Veneta Eau De Parfum is sensual, romantic, elegant yet hints at it’s suppleness and sensuality of the house’s leather goods business. Think Venice, meadows, flowers, nature and wood. The perfect scent for an Italian romantic wedding complete with a frilly dress and pretty rose. Price, £70 for 50ml.


This was one of my first ‘grown up’ fragrances (at 18 years old) and I quickly learned that by investing in the Eau de Parfum version, the fragrance can be kept longer saving a few pounds. Eluding to happiness and fantasy, this fragrance is perfect for the free spirited individual woman. Laced with white musks and vanilla, for me it’s a complete throw back to my teenage years, that care free, disposable income little girl whose main concern was how was I going to afford a bottle of wine.  Price, £68 for 50ml.


I’d never heard that nail specialist Leighton Denny had its very own fragrance. As soon as you take off the lid you’ll smell its fruity mixture of pepper, myrrh and incense. It’s great for Autumn/Winter as it has that unique intense scent thanks to the gardenia, jasmine, lily and rose. For a seductive scent (desire, allure and glamour), Light and Dark is great for stimulating distinctiveness. Price £43, 70ml.


When someone is wearing Armani Code, I’ll instantly know it. It’s one of those fragrances that’s quite common and can quickly become someones signature scent. If this is you and on your wedding day you’d like to simply ‘be yourself’, (dark and mysterious) then you’ll feel at home on your big day. With orange blossom at it’s core, it’s a great fragrance that would only need a few top ups. Price, £62 for 50ml. 

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6 Responses

  1. I had a wedding fragrance created for me and 10 years on I went back! Very interesting I’ve a post on the blog about it (my tastes had totally changed!)

  2. Such beautiful choices! I am getting married in June and my fiancé and I have decided to wear what we wore when we first met each other. L’Eau d’Issey for me and Bleu de Chanel for him. It just captures that giddy feeling that you get when you first start dating that special someone!

    1. That’s such a good idea! Nice to make it special with him wearing the cologne too. I love Issey Miyake and that Chanel fragrance is divine for men. Congratulations on your engagement, hope the planning is going well! x

  3. I stuck to my love of Chanel no5 for my wedding last may… and i bought a new perfume for honeymoon and each time I wear it I’m back in Brazil and just hitched !

    1. That’s so nice! I can’t wait for our honeymoon, secretly a little more excited about that than the actual ceremony itself hehe xx

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