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Review Of My Hair Cut & Colour At Covent Garden’s Sassoon Salon

As I’m chatting away on the phone at work, hearing all about the cool new Autumn/Winter ad campaign for a particular designer brand, I’m twiddling my hair and pulling at the ends. Fifteen minutes later I’m saying goodbye to the person on the other end of the phone, looking down and pausing. OMG! There are copious amounts of broken, split ends all over the white desk and scattered over my notebook. That’s embarrassing, OK, it’s time for a hair cut. But not just a cut, in fact, I need a total overhaul of my hair.


You’ll have seen from my previous post on Sassoon that this Covent Garden salon is the place to go for hair revamps. In the heart of London’s Monmouth Street, it’s my favourite place to go and soak in some me time. Whether it’s a treatment, trim, full on cut or a new colour, Sassoon are nailing the trends and you only have to look around inside to see that you’re not the only one who thinks so. 

After a stressful journey on the tube (how is it even stressful when it’s the weekend – I don’t understand) I walked in and was instantly greeted. I love places that don’t leave you hanging around (translation, ignore you)! I was shown to my seat and the colourist came over to talk about my last colour. He knew the shade and condition of my hair immediately, which was a godsend because I can never explain properly just how bad my hair it. Julien and I agreed on a light chocolatey brown that wouldn’t be too dark and heavy for Summer but would offer the perfect Spring lift. 

Next up, Safaa my stylist came over to talk about my cut and what I’d like from my style. I explained that I’m desperately trying to grow it for my wedding but that the condition was so bad it meant always having chunks cut off. Not an issue for her though, she suggested a few tricks that would give my shape a tidy up and help my layers grow into a better overall look. After a relaxing hair wash and colour treatment, she went ahead and true to her word performed some magic to turn my hair into a sleek, manageable, wavy style. She kindly gave me a step by step guide on how to create the waves with medium barrelled tongs and demonstrated the amount of pressure you need to pull through your hair at the end to create loose waves. If only I can do this myself at home!


I’m thrilled with the final results. My hair still looks long without that dead weight, the dusty ends are gone and finally I have a colour again that I can be proud to show off and talk about. I can’t wait to visit Sassoon again in six weeks for another trim and I’m happy to be able to say I’m confident that my hair is in good hands for my wedding.

Visit the Sassoon Salon website for more information on salons near you and pricing information. I cannot recommend the blow drys enough so if you’re near by and want a little something special for an evening out or just for the weekend, pop in.


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