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I Had A Non Surgical Face Lift By Caci & Here’s How I Got On

For those who follow my Instagram or Facebook, you would have seen that I recently had a face lift. My face is now tighter, more toned and definitely has a firmer look. I look less tired, less miserable and it’s definitely gave me confidence this weekend. Somebody even commented on me being in my early twenties… Well, I’m almost 30 so thank you for that! 

The biggest noticeable difference for me after the facelift are my firmer cheekbones, a more defined jaw and a definite slimmer appearance under my chin – despite having eaten my own body weight in cheese this weekend. As you can see in the pics below, I can try and pull back the side of my face a little yet amazingly, it still looks the same when I’m not touching it. My face appears more contoured and actually, it felt completely liberating not having to stress over contouring my face using three mirrors and good lighting for our dinner date with friends on Saturday night, (hi Meera and Ben).

But wait wait wait, hang on a sec. You didn’t think that I really went under the knife did you? I’d never look like this having had a facelift only on Friday! Plus, as you know I faint at the sight of needles and blood so trust me, I would freak out. No no, this wasn’t done by a surgeon. This facelift was of the non-surgical kind using my absolute favourite, non-surgical solution, dream machine CACI. The CACI non-surgical facial gave me everything I needed, wanted and then some. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m not adverse to those who do have surgery and enhancements but at 29, I believe I’m far too young for anything like that. 

The CACI facial toning system is one that I’ve used a few times now. You may have seen my previous reviews (‘His and Her Post Christmas Facial’ and ‘The Lip Plumping Trend #SITCSpringBTY’) and read about it’s powerful performance or even seen the before and after pictures. The lip treatment that I had on Friday is wearing off now (it lasts 3 days) but it’s something that I’ll definitely do again. CACI uses incredible ‘Microcurrent Therapy’ to deliver beyond expectations and for this facial, it didn’t disappoint.

So what is Microcurrent Therapy?

Initially used as a medical application to treat facial palsy, the system restores muscle tone by applying tiny micro-current electrical impulses to the affected muscles. It doesn’t hurt and you can barely feel it. It’s a wonderful sensation and sometimes you can feel the current slightly but it’s more of a vibration than a painful discomfort. I wondered if it was kind of like those ab toning belts you can buy but for your face.

The total treatment lasts just one hour and in typical salon style, my therapist at Seduire Clinic (in London’s Soho) made me feel completely relaxed and encouraged me to drift off to sleep. Naturally I asked about a billion questions though including how many muscles do we actually have in our face? (32), how does it work? (muscles are manipulated then re-educated using a sequence of movements), and what should I expect in the end? (toned muscles with restored elasticity). 


Being 29, I’m on the younger side of their customer base but nonetheless the results were so noticeable from just that one hour. So many things can affect us as we age (even weight fluctuations) which make muscles lose their tone and give a ‘sagging look’ (usually completely undeserved) so it’s a great way of trying out an overhaul without committing to the knife and the price. You can as I did have just a one off (as celebrities such as JLo and Channing Tatum have confessed to having before a red carpet event) or you can book yourself in for a course of twelve treatments. It’s worth checking out the CACI website to see what other skin solutions are available. Their treatment menu can help you choose what you need for each concern. I definitely want to try the one out for cellulite and bum lifting next! Hey, there’s only so much squatting and massages you can do before you get bored!

To see who else are using CACI and for some amazing testimonials from people such as JLO through to Lisa Snowdon simply head to make an appointment with London’s Sedure Clinic, call 02074399753 or email INFO@SEDUIRECLINICS.COMFollow on Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter.

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Have you tried CACI? Leave a comment below x

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