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Rundown Of All Of The Procedures & Surgeries That I’ve Had

Over the course of my blogging career I’ve been sent messages from followers concerning various surgeries and procedures. “Your fake boobs look stupid!” one person messaged whilst another suggested I have liposuction 4 weeks after having my baby. Despite the fact I do share things online, even before blogging I would hear people gossiping in the ladies’ about me having botox etc.
People are fascinated by surgery and treatments.Yes I’ve had a few procedures and working in this industry means I’m more inclined to try one or two things that many people wouldn’t. I’m not obsessed with my looks (although I do have insecurities) and the words ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ are not allowed in my home. Especially in front of my baby. But when there’s an opportunity to subtly enhance, treat or improve one or two things heck I’m going to do it. So long as it’s not too evasive and it isn’t painful.


I have not had Botox, fillers, or any other kind of injectable. Some of my friends have it, love it and it’s their way of life. I also have friends who won’t touch it. There’s no denying that in the last two years it’s become more prevalent within my friendship group though and something I’m much more clued up on today.
Why? I think I’m a little too young. I’m also super paranoid about turning into some of the ‘always surprised’ people that I’ve seen when it’s done too heavy handedly! I do think it’s something I may explore in the future but for now it’s not for me. I also really hate needles.

Teeth Contouring

I’ve always struggled with the appearance and condition of my teeth so I visited Robin at Marylebone Dental. Grinding my teeth and having two baby teeth remaining has left them looking like a variety of shapes and sizes. Whitening has also reduced the enamel over time.
Why? I needed two veneers over each of my damaged baby teeth. Teeth contouring (a cosmetic treatment using composite filling) improved the shape of teeth to create a more evenly balanced smile.



Naturally I do have a wide smile. My makeup routine includes a liner and lipstick that ultimately gives a more defined shape and plump effect. There are so many ‘lip-plumpers’ on the market that offer a topical form of collagen to create more volume but I haven’t tried them. I’ve only ever had one treatment on my lips once; the CACI non surgical lip plump. It uses LED red light therapy, an Amino-Lift Peptide serum and the CACI wrinkle comb to plump up your top and bottom lips.
Why? It’s quick (15 minutes), affordable (only £25 and Sedure Clinic in London’s Soho did an amazing job) and it’s relatively painless. It only lasts for two days but it’s a wonderful non-evasive, injectable-free treatment.


I’ve been asked many times about a boob-job but the truth is I’ve never touched them. As a self conscious teen I’d try my best to disguise them, then through my party days I’d enhance using some really great push up bra’s. I have, once or twice, considered a reduction but always changed my mind.
Why? I know lots of people who’ve had surgery and really loved it; bigger and smaller. I’m not against surgery but for me right now it’s not something I’d consider. Your body changes throughout life (especially after children) so we’ll see where I’m at in ten years time.


Before Christmas I began treatment for eyebrow tattooing. You haven’t seen many pictures yet (review coming soon) but you’ll definitely notice the difference when comparing the ‘before’ pictures. Up until last year I’d crazily rub on powders and pencils to the point where I was left with a severe brow but not any more!
Why? Over plucking and everyday drawing-on left me really unhappy with my brows. Colours and trying to find the right shape was so time consuming and boring! I’ve been enormously put off micro-blading (different technique to tattooing) but having met Andrea Grollet in Knightsbridge, I knew soft feather stroke tattooing was the way to go.


Face & Bum Lift

Another temporary CACI favourite, the non-surgical lift. It’s a temporary tightening, firming and toning procedure using light therapy that is painless and actually works. The system restores muscle tone by applying tiny micro-current electrical impulses to the affected muscles.
Why? Another non-evasive, non-surgical procedure that I’d happily try again. I know it is by no means a substitute for healthy eating and regular exercise, more of a ‘helping hand’.

Cellulite Treatments

Sometimes I get cellulite sometimes I don’t. On the occasions I have had it I’ve tried lymphatic drainage massage. Sometimes it works, sometimes not at all. I’ve been known to enjoy massages once a week and been to all corners of the world (in a massage sense) for all kinds of manipulation. Trodden on in Europe, crunched by crazy pensioners in Thailand, alternative Chinese massage/acupuncture combinations  and even massaged with a stick by a bizarre Japanese man. Recent cupping was another procedure. Lymphatic drainage is the process of performing light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of ‘lymph’ and reduce toxins in your body.
Why? A decent treatment can be costly and disappointing if it’s not the result you were after. I normally tie this in when having a much needed deep tissue massage.


I’ve written before about my dermaplaning (face shaving) experience which included a face peel (see here). Essentially it’s face shaving using a very sharp scalpel. I’ve only had one treatment but the results are so impressive I’m considering it again.
Why? My spot prone skin has totally changed since having this treatment. I haven’t had any breakouts and my skin has stayed brighter and more radiant.
As with all treatments and procedures it’s really important to do your research. Check that the salon/clinic is licensed and certified. Word of mouth recommendation is great and it’s important to never go in to anything unless 100% certain that it’s what you want. Overall I’m not against evasive surgery but as with any cosmetic surgery it’s important to know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Words & Styling: Lauren Silvester

Photography: Zoe Griffin

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