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Dermaplaning: One Of The Best Things I’ve ever Done For My Skin

What is it?

I’ve wanted ‘Dermaplaning’ for a while. I’d read reviews on Vogue and Refinery29 but I admit it took me 6 months to build up the courage to actually go ahead and get it done. My number one reservation? It was the fear of waking up the next day with hair all over my face like a werewolf!

Essentially, it’s face shaving using a very sharp scalpel.  It removes the top layer of skin and ‘peach fuzz’ (that really fine hair we have all over our face). The aim to is resurface and refine the skin on the face and neck. It can be done at home (there are some pretty dodgy YouTube videos around) but like many sensible people, I visited a superb facialist to pop my Dermaplaning cherry. I read up on Dr. Jack before visiting his Harley Street clinic and trusted him immediately. I mean hello, you need to trust anyone that’s taking a scalpel to your face!

In a quick chat, Dr. Jack explained what his ‘Egyptian Facial’ included. Firstly a fruit based glycolic acid peel was applied to my face (combined with salicylic and mandelic acid) and then the shaving began. It was completely pain free and wasn’t as I expected. There was no burning, soreness or uneasiness and was over pretty quickly. He explained that now the waterproof upper layers had been removed, it was a good time to splash on my best serums, creams and moisturisers because they’d really absorb and penetrate the skin over the next few days. After the Dermaplaning, Dr. Jack popped on a vitamin mask.




Immediately afterwards my face looked a little red. Because of the vitamin facial it didn’t appear dry but later that night it definitely needed a little more moisture. Even though it’s December, I knew I still had to use an SPF for the next few days too.

My face did look noticeably different. I could feel even the lightest of breezes so much more prominently (I know that sounds really weird)!

I stayed away from makeup and primers for around 5 days and when I first put on some foundation, I couldn’t believe the difference. It looked completely airbrushed. I popped an IG story on my Instagram account and had a few messages from people asking where they could get one too!


To my relief…


Although the ‘peach fuzz’ has started to grow back now, it doesn’t have a horrible feel to it. My skin still looks fresh – even without makeup. It’s made a definite improvement to my complexion and because the creams I’m using are being absorbed better, I can tell it’s made a difference long term too.


How often…?

The facial is recommended once every 1-2 skin cycles (which is approximately 6-12 weeks)


Overall verdict…

I can’t believe I put this off for so long! I’m a definite convert! Although the thought of taking a knife to your skin may make even the bravest of us a little nervous, there’s nothing to worry about. It does sound harsh but it’s pain-free, non-evasive and so worth it.

Aside from the enormous difference it’s made to the brightness of my skin, my face really does feel as soft as a baby’s bottom. I’ve always been a bit weird about the hair on my side burn area and even that now looks so much better too. With no harsh regrowth!


To find out more information on Egyptian Facials (£250) see here. Apparently Cleopatra was known to be a fan of the process hence the name!

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